CHCDIV001 Work with Diverse People Assessment Answers

Nursing, Social Care and many other Australian students from universities or colleges need to write CHCDIV001 assessment & case study. It is basically a certificate course in introduction to aged care. CHC Community Services Training Package includes CHCDIV001 case study and assessment writing.

CHCDIV001 Work with Diverse People Assessment Answers

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CHCDIV001 Case Study Answers & Assessment Solutions

Nurses face the biggest challenge in dealing with diverse people. During CHCDIV001 case study assessment students have to finish 3 types’ assignments. In case you are struggling to complete CHCDIV001 assignment then you can seek assistance from a nursing professional of We are continuously providing support to those students in the nursing field who need information and are facing difficulty in writing assessment answers. By reading this article, you will be able to develop an understanding of How to reach CHCDIV001: work with diverse people assessment solutions.

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Overview of CHCDIV001: work with diverse people assessment

The main objective of this unit is to help students in developing skills and knowledge that are needed for working with diverse people. Diverse people are those who belong to different social and cultural groups.
According to our nursing professional, the main purpose of work with diverse people assessment is to provide students ideas about the different concepts related to working with diverse people. Students who have enrolled themselves for CHCDIV001 coursework need to finish 3 types of assessments these are:

CHCDIV001: assessment 1St (Knowledge Questions)

In the first assessment task of CHCDIV001, you need to answer the subjective questions on the basis of case study.  Below are a few sample questions which you may need to answer in the first assessment.
In this assessment, you will provided with case scenario where new customer Claude has come to get the health care services. He has heart attack and his wife has been unable to take care of him. Claude has difficulty in making adjustments in his life. Ray comes to meet Claude along with his sister once in a month.  On the basis of case study you need to provide answers to below questions.

In relation to answers of above questions, our professional uses concepts related Aboriginal and Torres Islanders community. Experts also reflect their experience and opinion in relation to social and cultural background. We also include the concept of non-judgmental practice in the context of ATSI. If you are facing any difficulty in answering questions then you can seek assistance from us.  Our professionals will provide you with complete answers to CHCDIV001 questions.

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CHCDIV001 assessment 2nd: project answers

The main purpose of work with diverse people assessment task 2 is to showcase that you have knowledge about a particular unit.
In the assessment second, you need to provide detail answers for questions. Students in order to solve the section need to have knowledge about different key concepts. These concepts are Cultural competence and safety, cultural awareness, diversity and related concepts, characteristics of diversity, etc. While writing answers for task 2 you should emphasize on main area of diversity such as sexual orientation, gender, disability, generational etc.

Here, you should provide answers in detail. While answering the questions in this assessment task you need to consider organizational needs in your mind. At the time of writing Answers students should provide the explanation about the concept of diversity. Students in order to provide explanations of different concepts need to have knowledge about behavior of people in their own culture and community. In answers of assessment 2 you need to provide detail of four features of diversity in Australia. These are:

  1.  Politics
  2. Culture
  3. Social
  4. Economic

By completing the CHCDIV001 assessment task 2 students will be able to gain knowledge about different aspects of diversity which are visible in indigenous Australian. It involves race, culture, disability, spiritual beliefs, gender biasness etc. In your answers to questions in assessment second you can include how ATSI people are discriminated and excluded from society.

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CHCDIV001: scenarios answers for task 3

In the task 3 of  CHCDIV001 assessment you need to provide answers on the basis of case study. Students for solving these questions students must highlight the ability and skills to complete tasks. Practical observation is conducted at the time of work placement in a suitable health care setting.
The assessment task 3 of CHCDIV001 assignment includes the role play. Main objective of role play is to enable students to showcase their skills and knowledge in relation to real life workplace.
After completion of role play activity students need to answer questions on the basis of their experience working with ATSI people in a clinical setting.

Important points to consider for writing assignment answers

Students before writing chcdiv001 work with diverse people answers need to consider the following key points. These are:

  1. The solutions which you are writing for all 3 assessments tasks require having reflection of your opinion. It means that you need to address and share your experience about social and cultural biases. You in order to share your experience need to have knowledge about your limitations.
  2. It is very much important to understand that if people appreciate the concepts of inclusiveness and diversity then only they will be able to respect diversity.
  3. At the time of writing CHCDIV001 assessment answers, it is very much important for you to share message clearly. You can suggest verbal and non-verbal modes of communication for dealing with patients.
  4. Students should write assignments in such a way that they should be able to promote understanding across a variety of diverse groups such as the Aboriginal Torres Strait islander community.

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Hope, now you have addressed the complexities which you might face at the time of writing CHCDIV001 assessment. You need to undergo CHCDIV001 training. Students have to do practice for developing the skills required for writing nursing assignments. We have only provide you with  idea of writing answers  if you want to get complete CHCDIV001 scenarios answers then you should contact us.  is a trustworthy organization which has experienced professionals for writing assignments. Our professionals have high level potential for delivering students with relevant and highly authentic reference assignment solutions. We provide students with 24*7 services.

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