CHCCCS015: Individualised Support Assessment Answers

TAFE Assessment Cover Sheet - nsw In the context of Australia, nursing has a broad scope and there are several courses and units which you can study under the subject. Nurses have to play different roles in the development of nursing plans for a patient.

CHCCCS015 Individualised Support Assessment Answers is basically a unit that inculcates all the skills and knowledge in them for working upon individualized plans. Individualized Support Assessment is the unit in which students generally study in nursing courses.

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What CHCCCS015: Individualised Support Assessment unit cover?

The different elements of the CHCCCS015 Individualised Support Assessment  unit are:
You as a supervisor need to develop an individualized plan for the patient. Nursing students can become a part of direct and indirect supervision about health or community services.

Key concepts students show know before writing Assignments

When students have several queries and they reach us, our expert team of nursing helpers provides them guidance and assignment writing help. Our Professionals also make students aware of the different concepts which students should utilize in their assignments.

The different concepts which students should know before writing nursing concepts are:

  1. Considerations in risk management
  2. Principle of the best person-centered practices
  3. Factors influencing people those who need support
  4. Work Role boundaries
  5. Confidentiality
  6. Dignity of risk
  7. Legal and ethical issues
  8. Discrimination

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Imperative topics related to CHCCCS015: Individualised Support Assessment

Below is the explanation of every Assessment.

1st Assessment: Knowledge Questions

At the time of writing the first assessments, students need to test their own knowledge. Students ask several Questions and our professionals provide them with suitable answers by applying their knowledge. There are a few Questions which students generally ask related to CHCCCS015: Individualised Support Assessment 1 are :

Ques 1: What are the different rights of customers?

According to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, there are several rights that clients can utilize. Our professionals perform detailed research on the topic and found 10 ten rights for clients for answering and completing assignments. The CHCCCS015: Individualised Support Assessment answers which you can include in your assignment are:

  • The right to ask for the maintenance of confidential information. The right to information about legal requirements.
  •   Search for alternatives to care and health care facilities.
  • Before starting to write CHCCCS015 answers you need to develop an understanding of dignity risk. of risk, It is the principle that is based on the right to take the justifiable risk for patients. You can use scenarios in a different clinical setting or by seeking help from can give answers to Questions.

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Assessment 2: Case study | Research Work

In the context of CHCCCS015: Individualised Support Assessment answers, below is the scenario
You need to read every case study. After that you need to match such a scenario with the accurate ethical problem or breach:

Scenario 1:

Jammy transforms his religion that is from Hindu to Islam during the late 40s and now he is living his life as a Muslim. He became confined to a wheelchair after having an accident. Jenny, she is a caretaker of jammy. Jenny makes racial comments about Islam religion in Australia to both customers and colleagues. She is actually not aware that jammy is Muslim. 

2nd scenario :

Pearson is a colleague of  Michael. Pearson makes calls to his friend during the lunch break. He laughs at his friend on the phone on the mental health problem faced by one of his clients and the person is also disclosing all personal information of his client.
Students now need to match the above scenarios with ethical issues which have been breached by characters in the above case study. Our professional will first execute the investigation and then they will proceed further.

In the context of the above case studies, few ethical issues have been breached. Below are a few ethical issues related to the above case study which students can include in their  CHCCCS015 assessment answers :

  1. Confidentiality
  2.  Duty of care
  3. Dignity of risk
  4. Boundaries of workplace role 
  5. Mandatory reporting
  6. Discrimination

Our professional matches case scenarios with ethical issues. There are still several questions in this assessment. It is not a complete answer to your CHCCCS015: Individualised Support Assessment. In case you need complete guidance related to a specific assessment then you need to contact us and place an order. 

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 Assessment 3: Observation at the workplace

Name of Students 
Name of assessors 
Roleplay – Student need to play the role of Kimson  and the Carer
Kimson is basically an 80-year-old person, he is suffering from depression.  The main objective of the Kimson is to go to the mosque every Friday afternoon. He has complained that he is not sure if he will be provided with halal meals. Now you need to demonstrate how you will recognize and respect the needs of Kimson.
Mark in suitable column 
Analyze and respect the needs of people with diverse cultural backgrounds. 
Address the potential barriers which are related to the needs of the person. 
Have communication with people with due regards. 

In the assessment 3rd of CHCCCS015: Individualised Support Assessment need to perform a play. They need to observe the circumstances in the workplace. They are also required to complete the table.  Our professionals by applying their knowledge will help students in filling and completing the table. If you want any type of assistance in completing any of the assessments related to this unit then you can contact us. 

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This article might have helped you in getting an overview of different assessments in CHCCCS015: Individualised Support Assessment. As CHCCCS015 is a broad unit, it needs a detailed explanation of different concepts relevant to the nursing assignment.

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