Bushfire Exposure Melbourne Micro Cert Assignment Sample

This is the Assignment sample of the Melbourne Micro Cert Bushfire Exposure Assignment.

This course will give you the skills to become a “fire-resilient” architect who can better protect residential buildings from bushfires.

This is intensive, specialized training in how to assess and plan for homes threatened by fires. It provides professionals with up-to-date information on fire safety needs of residences that are at risk of being engulfed in flames during periods when wildfires strike your area or regions nearby.

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Assignment Solution of Melbourne Micro Cert Bushfire Exposure Assignment

The professor handed out a few assignments in this course. One of them is to complete a group project, do some research on the business world and then write up an executive summary for your company’s proposal.

Assignment Activity 1. Perform topographic analyses and assess vegetation

We are going to measure the plants. We need to know their size, how many there are, and all that stuff. For this project, we need a map. I recommend using LIDAR because it will show everything on the hill or incline plane.

Once you have acquired the topographic data (i.e., collected enough points in an area that overlap), you can place a contour over top in order to accurately represent relief and gradient using specialized software such as ArcMap 9×0 ArcGIS Desktop.

Assignment Activity 2. Recommend alternate building approaches

Alternate Building Approaches

A good architect will know building codes and how to do a project review. They will know what kind of materials are best for your job, like how much they cost and if they are available. They will help you figure out what to do. There is no one way that is best.

Traditional construction is old. It can be expensive to rebuild it, but if you knew you were going to do it before, then you could have a contractor help plan the work and tell you what they need. They can also help during the process of rebuilding.

A lot of money is needed to rebuild a house if it is damaged. The cost of labor and materials can be more than $400,000. If you have insurance, then you should try to get some help from them.

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Assignment Activity 3. Conduct a property assessment

When you borrow money from a bank and the bank wants to make sure that they are not going to lose money, they might hire someone who knows about property assessments. These people will study your property and see what it is worth.

If you want to know how much your home is worth, then one needs to look at homes that have sold in the same market condition. This information is available on public records.

But if not, some real estate companies will offer this service for a fee. Online sites can provide information about your home’s value report but using history or sale price might give different measurements to measure against.

If you want to do the appraisal yourself, then simply get a copy of your home’s title from your county clerk and look at the information provided (location, acreage, rights-of-way used for utilities).

Assignment Activity 4. Report on your findings and recommendations

I want to provide you with the knowledge necessary for building a residential home based on your AS3959 assessment. If I were in charge of this project, here are some things that would be done differently from what has been proposed:

-A different construction type and standards considering your climate conditions;  -An additional floor plan option given its size limitations; or

-Changing materials used such as replacing brick exterior walls with metal siding since they’re more durable against harsh weather elements like wind storms, as well as cheaper to maintain.

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