BUMGT1501 Management Principles Sunset Prayers Case Study Solutions

The Federation University of Australia offers highly demanding management courses. Many students from all over the world come to Australia and get enrolled in this university to study Management courses. If you are also studying BUMGT1501 Management Principles, you must know that you require a lot of skill and in-depth knowledge of the subject to make the case studies.

BUMGT1501 Management Principles Sunset Prayers Case Study Solutions

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In this course, students will develop an understanding of the role of Management and its contribution to a successful operation and organization’s performance.

Also, the students will learn about different management theories and concepts which are required for facilitating the process of management within an organization. Students will learn the management elements including planning, organizing, controlling, and leading.

If you are struggling for making your BUMGT1501 Management Principles Assessment, you are at the right place. We are going to give you an idea of how to write BUMGT1501 Management Principles assessment answers. We have tended to explain a case study and two assessment tasks related to it.
You will get an in-depth idea not only in making this assignment but also making other management assignments because our management assignment writing experts have explained everything in detail.

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Case Study of Sunset Prayers for Students

BUMGT1501 Management Principles Sunset Prayers Case Study 1
After reading the case study of Sunset Prayers, you need to identify, evaluate, and discuss different concepts of Management along with management theories.
Though the report has to be made on the basis of the case study, you need to use academic resources along with academic references and citations to score HD grades in your assessment.
BUMGT1501 Management Principles Sunset Prayers Case Study Solutions 1

Question 1

The external organizational environment is known to determine the success or failure of any organization. Identify all the external environmental components which have an impact on Frank Piechowski company, and how so?

Question 2

Refer to all the theories of motivation from your textbook and state how can Frank Piechowski use any two of these theories in the organization to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the workers in the workplace.

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Structure of preparing a report  

The most important thing is to recognize the objectives of making a report so that you can exactly write what the report requires you to write. Writing something off the topic will reduce your marks in assessment. Our highly expert management writers have recognized the objectives well. In task 1 of the report, you have to mainly highlight the concept and theories of management with respect to the case scenario.

In BUMGT1501 Management Principles assessment task 2, you have to include a title page, executive summary, ToC, introduction, discussion, recommendations, conclusion, references, and citation. If you are not well versed in writing each and every part in detail, you can take management principle assessment answers to help from our assignment experts.


As you have to prepare a 1500 words report on the given case scenario, you should not include the preliminary section into the word count. This section covers the title page, table of content, and executive summary.

Writing an executive summary

Students need to write an executive summary in almost every assignment if asked by the University. An executive summary indicates that you are proposing a decision. You state the need, problem, objective, and outcome of the assignment.

The executive summary example on BUMGT1501 Management Principles: Sunset Prayers Case Study is given by our expert management writer. This executive summary sample will help you in crafting an impressive executive summary. If the assignment’s beginning will be impressive, your teacher’s mindset for the whole assignment will be positive.

Executive Summary Sample for BUMGT1501 Management Principles

BUMGT1501 Management Principles Sunset Prayers Case Study answers

How to write an impressive Introduction

An introduction in any assignment is the most important part indicating what you will present in the whole report. The introduction reveals the purpose of writing the document. Therefore it is essential that you include your key message with sufficient background information in your introduction part. This will engage the teacher. Make sure you write a short and precise introduction.

Below is an impressive introduction by assessment writers for the students who cannot make a good introduction on their own.

BUMGT1501 Management Principles Sunset Prayers Case Study Solution 2


The discussion part is the main body part in which you have to discuss all the terms covered under the case study. You have to write the external organizational environment and theories of motivation. You have to mention the clear definition of the external organizational environment along with some examples.

Similarly, you have to identify which theories of motivation exactly go with the above-given case study. This is the most tricky part. You are not able to find out the appropriate motivational theories, you will not get marks in your report. Therefore, you are advised to take the BUMGT1501 Management Principle assessment report writing help from AustraliaAssignmentHelp.com.

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Most of the students end their report with the discussion part. This is the reason they are not able to score high grades in their academics. Writing a recommendation is a must in your report. In recommendations, you can provide useful suggestions for the organization in overcoming present challenges and in improving the future. Our expert management assignment helpers have studied the case thoroughly and find out that the organization needs to adapt to a better external environment system. Therefore, you should put more emphasis on planning and forecasting, reducing resource dependence, and laying stress on improving organization design.


Don’t end your report with the recommendation part. The conclusion is a very important part of every academic piece. A good conclusion increases your chance of getting good grades. In the conclusion part, you have to restart the key argument and end the report by giving your own viewpoint on the argument. In short, you have to summaries the whole report in 4 to 5 lines.


you need to add a reference on the last page of your assessment. You have to include all the sources from where you have used information, data, or diagram. Our native mba assignment writers have knowledge about all types of reference styles including Harvard, MLA, Chicago, etc.

Take BUMGT1501 Management Report From Experts

 After reading the structure of attempting BUMGT1501 Management answers you have got an idea of how time-consuming the task is. you have to go through the case study every time you are answering the tasks. if you have no time to write the assignment on your own and still looking to score high grades, help from our management report experts. Place your order today to avail maximum discounts on assignments.

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