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BSBXCM401: Apply communication strategies in the workplace Assessment Answers

Course: TAFE

Assessment Type: Final Exam

This assessment describes the skills and knowledge required to facilitate communication strategies in any industry. It has a specific focus on supervisor-level workers with responsibility for other employees, giving them an edge when it comes down to handling problems that arise at work or navigating difficult situations like sicknesses among co-workers efficiently.

When it comes to communication, specific strategies can be applied in the workplace. This assessment will cover specific strategies and how they are used in the workplace. These strategies include active listening, paraphrasing, a reflection of feelings, and clarification. Each strategy is intended to help improve communication between two or more people by making sure that you have expressed your message accurately while encouraging them to do the same for you.

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There are describing the many activities. These are:

Assessment Activity 1: Prepare for communication

The importance of communication in the workplace cannot be overstated. The ability to effectively communicate with colleagues, supervisors, and clients is an essential skill that can make or break one’s career. A person who communicates well will not only gain more respect from their peers but also more knowledge about what needs to be done to get ahead at work. To help you prepare for your next big presentation or meeting, here are some tips on how to communicate professionally.

Start by knowing what you want out of the conversation; know your objective before beginning any kind of discussion. Next, research the topic so you’re fully aware of all angles and arguments related to it; this way you’ll sound like a knowledgeable professional when delivering your points during discussion or debate. Finally, take time to plan your discussion so you know exactly what you want to say and how you want to get the information across. If needed, write out brief notes or an outline so you can look back at it for reference if things get overwhelming.

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1. Identify work activities requiring communication

If the goal of given work activity is to build up a productive relationship with another person, then the focus in the work should be on people. If being looked at as successful in this context means being respected and valued, then good communication requires that all parties have an equal opportunity to actively participate in discussions, decision-making processes, and taking responsibility for their project outcomes. In this sense, good communication facilitates human development when it is decentralized – it breaks down when one party dominates decision-making or when there is a rigid hierarchy.

Energy can also impact our thoughts and feelings which could lead to poor interpretation about interactions with others because we are often not aware of how energy/feelings play a significant role in our lives. Good communication means paying attention to the energy we are experiencing in ourselves because it has a direct influence on our thoughts and feelings. This affects how we interpret information from others, which again shapes our ability to communicate effectively with them.

2. Establish communication requirements for identified work activities

The need for communication will depend on the location, type of work being performed, and what equipment is in use. For example, if you are performing delicate work in an indoor environment without dangers to navigation during inclement conditions (snowy days) then it may be possible to communicate with only one person at a time or via telephone. However, if you are outdoors conducting ground operations that require near field coverage for safety reasons this means there must be 2-way radio communications with no less than three people. So when establishing requirements for your tasks, it’s important to identify critical risks that relate specifically to each task and look for ways to mitigate the risks through the right level of communication.

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3. Identify communication roles for self and others to complete activity

Communication Roles For Self:

When communicating risk inform others of the issue and how it is being addressed. Also, when completing a job, provide specific information or insight to others that may help them with a future task. Be specific in what you convey, some people use abstract language while discussing a problem which leads to confusion and possible re-work.

When speaking ask questions about what others are thinking or feeling, or what they think about something that was said. This helps you learn more about them and their perspective which can aid in future discussions between team members.

Communication Roles For Others:

When adding to a conversation ask questions to help clarify the issue (i.e “what do you mean by”) this helps the other person clarify what they are thinking or feeling.

When speaking, be concise and make sure you aren’t assuming anything about others’ intentions or thoughts (i.e “are you saying this because”). Also, pay attention to how your tone of voice is impacting others and adjust if need based on feedback from the group.

4. Seek assistance or clarification regarding communication objectives as required

Communication objectives are the results of communication. They differ from communication objectives in that they prefer not to an intended outcome, but rather to what is communicated by message. Communication objectives include four main components:

1) Identification and understanding of how and what is being communicated;

2) Evidencing a receptive audience on behalf of those who will receive the message;

3) Establishing a clear linkage between receiver and sender;

4) An appreciation on behalf of those who create messages that what we say may be interpreted differently than as originally intended.

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5. Select the appropriate method of communicating information internally and externally based on organizational requirements

Internal means communicating with a company’s employees, and external means communicating with a company’s clients.

Internal clued methods include memos sent to all employees that are typically placed on an employee bulletin board, or an email group that is used for company announcements. External clues methods can include newspaper ads or billboards.

In the right environments, both internal and external communications are needed as they both offer advantages and disadvantages. In highly competitive markets, you need to produce strong messages in order to make them heard over your competitors.

Assessment Activity 2: Use communication strategies to provide work instruction

Communication is an important part of the work environment, and it’s even more integral for new employees. When companies hire a new employee, they should provide them with clear communication about the company culture and expectations. This allows them to be successful in their new role from day one. There are some key strategies that managers can use when providing instruction to ensure that the transition into a new job is smooth.

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1. Use appropriate presentation methods to communicate information or instruction based on the requirements of the audience

It is important to use appropriate presentation methods when communicating information, so the people on the other end are receptive.

There are many different types of visual presentations that can be used for this purpose. Some of these presentations, such as flip charts may require a large amount of preparation before being presented. Others, such as electronic slideshows may take less time to prepare but still have just as high a degree of effect on the audience. The way in which content is shown will vary based on its content and length, along with what type of information it provides – some things are made more effective when spoken aloud by an individual rather than visually depicted by pictures or video clips while others are better off done through demonstration. The key to choosing a presentation method is to understand how it will be received by your audience and what you hope to communicate through the method in question.

2. Use the appropriate method of communication to communicate information or instruction based on the requirements of the audience

This depends on the purpose of communication and who is making it. There are many different forms of communication, such as written words, body language, and oral language. The appropriate method for you to use should depend on who you want to communicate with? Like if someone wants to communicate with a large audience (i.e., publish an article), they might be better suited by using written words instead of oral methods because we tend not to remember what we hear as easily as what we read. Additionally, people don’t always enjoy public speaking which would make the oral method inappropriate.

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3. Negotiate expected work requirements with others and clarify that instructions have been understood

Managing those expectations is the key to successful collaboration. Delaying does not just have to be a time-saving maneuver but may prove necessary so as not to overwhelm your colleagues with work for which they are unprepared. Make sure your instructions are clear and organized before you send them off so that others will have sufficient time for comprehension and task accomplishment.

When other people need clarity in their instruction, it’s best to provide it promptly rather than waiting until deadlines loom or tasks go unfinished. In order to avoid confusion, make sure instructions are well spelled out before sending them off. This ensures that other team members will know what’s expected from them and how they can do their job properly without any doubts about the instructions given to them.

Assessment Activity 3: Facilitate workplace communication

Whether you’re a business owner or an employee, it is important to have effective communication skills in the workplace. Communication can help your team more efficiently and effectively while also creating a positive environment for everyone involved. There are many different types of communication that need to be considered when working with others on projects, so it’s important to know what works best in each situation. Effective communication begins with good listening skills. Being a good listener can help you gather all the information you need for any project your team may be working on. When communicating in the workplace, proper grammar and writing skills are also important to have because this is what people will see when reading anything written by your business or company.

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1. Use interpersonal skills to build relationships with team members and clients and facilitate respectful interaction

Good interpersonal skills are critical for a successful manager. If you have a problem with communication, find out what your communication strengths and weaknesses are. If your interpersonal skills are not up-to-par, seek out training or coaching to help you improve.

Being respectful of others is one of the most important things that can be done in any work situation. We all go through life’s journey differently and it is important to take these differences into account when communicating with others so everyone feels respected during their interactions. Whether you’re having a conversation with someone at work or communicating via email, it is important to be able to recognize and use proper context clues to improve your own writing skills. Properly using pronouns and nouns can help make sure the message you are sending is received correctly by others.

2. Facilitate respectful communication amongst others, considering the needs of those from diverse backgrounds

I believe it may be important to first recognize the point of view that other people may see an issue differently than you. Communication should not be about shouting or putting another person down, but should all come from a place of mutual respect. It is said that the best conversations happen over time and with patience.

When communicating in the workplace, remember that different people have different backgrounds and may be used to things being communicated differently than you. Communicate with them respectfully and don’t let your own opinions get in the way of understanding how they see an issue. This is especially important when working with new clients on a project who come from different cultures and backgrounds than you.

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3. Use problem-solving and decision-making skills to resolve any communication challenges

Communication is the important vehicle through which messages are transmitted to ensure effective collaboration among staff, faculty, and students. There are three types of messages that require various levels of evaluation. These messages are Request for Information, Report/Problem Analysis or Decision, and Decorative Message. Messages contain vital information about a project’s progress or related to visible messes on campus grounds.

A request for information contains basic data which needs no further analysis by group members at this point in time- general team members need not offer feedback or concern themselves with the content unless otherwise instructed by their supervisor. A report containing an analysis may require input from team members depending on information shared within its text.

4. Obtain confirmation on outcomes of communication challenges to ensure issues have been resolved

Confirmation on outcomes ensures that issues have been addressed to the receiver’s satisfaction.

Obtaining feedback about whether or not an issue was resolved is important so you can identify what you need to fix or improve for next time—as well as how to improve your response. Confirming with the recipient shows respect, understanding, and consideration because it makes sure they are satisfied before closing off a discussion about their concern.

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Assessment Activity 4: Monitor and support team communication

A lot of businesses are familiar with the importance of communication, but many fail to realize that it is just as important to monitor how well your team communicates. It’s not enough for employees to communicate effectively among themselves; they must also be able to provide accurate information when interacting with customers and other stakeholders. This type of communication strategy can increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction rates, and ultimately lead to increased revenue.

1. Ensure all communication is consistent with legislative and organizational requirements

As the world’s population grows and more and more systems of governance and legal codes proliferate, it becomes increasingly difficult for companies to maintain a consistent tone in their communications. This is especially true when there are discrepancies among jurisdictions with which they interact – such as localizing company communications for different geographic regions or sectors, like the taxation system.

Many countries recognize that language isn’t just about words but also includes how those words are communicated (tone), including voice inflections, punctuation, and sentence structure. And people recognize this too. To help companies succeed internationally by addressing these challenges we’re introducing our new International Communications Library, providing organizations with a way to communicate consistently across legal jurisdictions and cultures without changing anything about what they say or how they say it.

2. Provide performance feedback and additional support to others when required

Manager can never take their managerial responsibilities for granted. A company will be successful if the employees are happy and well-managed. The shortest route for an organization’s success or failure is through his/her manager’s or supervisor’s performance. This person has the potential to build up morale, motivation, enthusiasm, and initiative among his subordinates. He (or she) can equally set self-destructive trends that doom worker spirits in fear of retaliation or defeat by “lowering the boom.”

On the other hand, you can support team members who are struggling with their work by offering to provide additional guidance and coaching. This training will help them accomplish what they need to do so they can be more effective at their job in the future.

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3. Seek feedback and assistance from others to improve own communication techniques

Regardless of the task, this behavior is absolutely remarkable when applied to personal relationships. It always stands for recognition, understanding, and appreciation. The general opinion is that when someone wants to better communicate with another person it’s because they are interested in improving their relationship with them. This extra positive connection will make both parties feel more open to correcting mistakes or learning new things.

Learning how others respond improves interpersonal communication skills which in turn translates into increased capacities in the workplace by communicating more effectively with colleagues and superiors alike, but also goes further by boosting self-confidence that’s often required for climbing through ranks in the organization hierarchy.

4. Collate and report any important information and unresolved issues to relevant superiors

It’s important for staff, managers, and executives to stay informed on any possible issues or conflicts that may need their attention at work. Your job is to make sure the information gets to the right people and that their responsibilities (direct or indirect) are fulfilled. It’s important for everyone to be informed and understand what they need to do at all times in order to stay on schedule.

The other option is to present this information at a meeting, but it’s important that you review the material beforehand. On top of keeping your audience engaged and on track, you also want to ensure that each message is clear, concise, relevant, and properly formatted.

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