BSBWRT411: Write complex documents Assessment answers

Course: TAFE

Type: Practical

This assessment describes the skills and knowledge required to plan, draft and finalize complex documents. The application of these principles can be seen in a wide range of business environments that require more analysis than basic correspondence or memos for their completion; this includes reviewing information sources such as websites with an eye toward making decisions on what needs to be included and excluded from a document, as well as the ability to assess and meet specified deadlines.

Many people have trouble writing complex documents. These types of documents are often used in the workplace, schools, and other professional settings where they are expected to be accurate and concise. This assessment will provide tips on how to write a document that is both clear and concise.

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We are describing below assessment activities. These are:

Assessment Activity 1: Plan complex document

A complex document is one that has many components or features. A complex document can be used by businesses to provide their employees with information about the company, its structure, and its resources. An example of a complex business document is an employee handbook which details what employees should expect from the company as well as how they should behave while working there. This kind of document typically includes sections on policies for workplace behavior, work hours, benefits plans, and so forth.

1. Determine audience, purpose, and requirements of the document according to organization policies and procedures

The purpose of a policy is to clarify and communicate an organizational view on a specific decision, action, or behavior.

Policy documents are necessary for organizations to provide their employees with guidelines on how they should behave. Policies define the expectations that contribute to the creation of a work culture that defines what decisions or behaviors can be safely made without concern for penalties from management. A policy created by an organization needs to consider three things: audience, purpose, and requirements. In order for policies to be effective, they need to align with company values and meet the needs of all stakeholders. This means that there must be some flexibility built into policies so that new information becomes incorporated accordingly as it becomes available. Policies need updates only every two years at a minimum.

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2. Determine the required format, style, and structure for the document

The length of the document should be 2-5 pages long. Depending on how in-depth they want to get, the answer is up to them. It’s good for them to include an executive summary in the introduction and make sure it contains all their points and doesn’t leave any out. They should try and use a professional tone and speak in an active voice when possible.

3. Establish a method of communication

It depends on the size of the company. Some larger companies will have an HR department with representatives for each division, while smaller ones might only have a single HR rep with a desk at the entrance to the building. In either case, it’s always best to call ahead and ask “What is your preferred method for contacting you?” before sending an email.

4. Develop a content overview of the document

The document is about the success of companies that automate updates on social media. A bit more literature on it will be required, but I think this addresses the question nicely.

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5. Determine categories and logical sequence of information according to proposed structure, content, and document requirements

There are many different types of policies that should be included in each separate section. Each section should have a general introduction to the topic first, then specific regulations follow just before the conclusion which provides references to future updates if the regulations change over time. There should be a general outline of what is expected from the employees in each section, and any further details or regulations specific to that topic. In addition, there should also be relevant laws referenced for additional information on legal issues.

While the structure will differ according to company policies need to have some sort of logical order with topics being introduced in sequence while increasing in the specificity of content and detail.

Assignment Activity 2: Draft complex document

A complex document is a document with several sections and subsections. It is important to organize your information so that it flows well and does not become confusing for the reader. There are many different ways to structure a complex document, but if you follow these instructions then you will be able to create one that follows best practices.

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1. Confirm the information is cohesive and satisfies document purpose and requirements

The purpose of the document is to inform employees about what types of social media updates are allowed and not allowed. The document should also go over general guidelines for employees who use the company’s social media accounts.

2. Develop draft document to communicate data, information, and knowledge according to organizational policies and procedures

Draft guidelines of drafting a document to communicate data, information and knowledge to organizational policies and procedures.

Data is the raw material of decision-making. It needs to be cleansed, reformatted, and formatted so that it can be easily reviewed and understood by both management personnel and users alike.

3. Identify gaps in required data, information, and knowledge, and collect additional material from relevant sources, if required

Once you focus on getting the resources that will be required for work, take a look at other relevant resources which may be helpful. Has the person completed other relevant studies? Based on their output from these studies, have they been able to attend workshops or conferences outside of academia? Do their published articles have any common callout phrases or words that can help identify what data gaps may exist? What has the person written about in terms of future interests and needs for rigor and challenge? Would personal interviews with peers at peer institutions further elucidate potential areas requiring additional information before proceeding with the given task/project/problem through existing materials available at the institution desired by the student (i.e., administrative, research assistants)?

If there is additional material required, you might choose to utilize email (face-to-face is also acceptable if the person has time) to maximum depth and breadth maximum depth and breadth of the information that pertains to gaps in existing information. Ultimately, your goal is to obtain additional relevant research or data that may further enhance what’s already available.

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4. Draft text according to document purposes and requirements

The purpose of this intro is to provide background on the issue at hand without getting too wrapped up in technical details.

First off, you should know that in a rare exception women have recently been permitted entry into one of America’s most prestigious private institutions, Harvard University. Students from all over the country need these three paragraphs to have a basic understanding of why this exception has been made and how it came about.

Even though the original 13 colonies were founded by white European men, women eventually found their way into universities as early as 1837 when Mount Holyoke was founded with Anna Maria Hartford as its first President. In 1869 the first school specifically for women was created as a result of the increasing number of colleges being founded by both men and women, namely The Women’s College of Brown University.

The next development in college education was the Morrill Land-Grant Act or 1862 that allowed for states to acquire land from the federal government with which to create colleges in order to foster education geared towards agricultural and mechanical studies, rather than solely classical education. Not only did this allow for women to enroll in these schools because the Land-Grant Act required a certain amount of financial support from the state in order to operate, but it also created opportunities for special treatment when enrollment numbers were being discussed, such as a case in 1893 where a bill was passed requiring that at least 10% of the enrollment in all colleges and universities be granted to women.

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Assessment Activity 3: Finalize complex document

The finalization of complex documents can be a time-consuming process. However, there are ways to make the task easier and less stressful. One way is by using an automated document assembly software program. This type of software enables you to create templates that allow it to generate documents with little input from you on subsequent uses of the template. An example would be a loan agreement for a home mortgage that has been used in the past but needs changes made due to new regulations or other circumstances, such as interest rates changing or property values increasing beyond what was previously anticipated when preparing this document originally.

By creating your own template and storing it within your document management system, whenever this particular type of agreement needs updating all you need do is modify one copy of the original template to reflect the necessary changes. The software will then take the template and create a new document that reflects all of these updates.

The following are some common types of documents that you can automate with this type of technology, whether by creating your own templates or using pre-existing templates from existing suppliers:

  • Contracts- for example, an employment or service agreement
  • Sales materials- such as quotes, proposals, or bid documentation
  • Financial statements- for example, income statements, cash flow statements, and balance sheets
  • Insurance policies- for example, life insurance (death benefit), health insurance (medical claim payout), and property/casualty insurance (our damage claims).

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1. Review the draft text and confirm document purpose and requirements are met

This document adequately meets the company’s requirements for drafting contracts. It alternates between headings and subheadings to organize material, provides an introduction before providing specific examples of what needs mentioning in a contract, and has not omitted any relevant sections. The language used is straightforward, making it easier to read than other documents I have seen.

The one suggestion that I would give is that you review the headings again. They appear to be organized by type rather than by how important they are – so all of them seem very important. Although this may be deliberate so as not to leave anyone out, it does make reading slightly more difficult because it interrupts logical organizational structures. If you were interested in making this change during the revision stages then the subheadings that are appropriate to use would be “Overview”, “Definitions”, or maybe even “Content”.

2. Check grammar, spelling, and style for accuracy and punctuation

The use of the comma before a ‘but’ is a stylistic preference. Many people prefer to place a comma before a coordinating conjunction, while others do not. I cannot say definitively which style you should follow because it is mainly an aesthetic preference. What might help you decide would be to think about what sentence would make more sense if there were no comma at all or if there was sentence punctuation in different places?

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3. Confirm draft text is approved by relevant organization personnel

Draft Text ‍is ‍approved by relevant organization personnel. The draft text is ‍composed with the intention of informing people about your business in an ethical and transparent manner. This process will result in greater customer satisfaction with your company’s service.

Draft Text has been checked for accuracy, but it may have inaccuracies or outdated information that requires attention by relevant personnel.

4. Review and incorporate any amendments in the final copy

The article is generally well written, but dealing with plagiarism makes it seem like less of a finished piece. There are also places where words or phrases could be adjusted to avoid ambiguity. For example, in the “content management systems” section, there is no comma between “systems” and “more convenient”. A comma could be placed after “systems” to make it easier for readers to grasp the meaning of what you are saying. Also, a comma could be added between “businesses” and “are” in the first sentence of the next paragraph.

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5. Apply basic design elements for documents appropriate to the audience and purpose

A basic design rule of thumb is this: whatever degree of formality applies to the audience will also apply to the document.

A heading should be used in each paragraph and placed one or two lines below the top line of text, depending on length. The first letter of a heading should always be capitalized, followed by uppercase and lowercase letters as appropriate for other words in that sentence.

Secondary techniques may include boldface, italics, indents, bullets, underlines, and spacing before and after headings.

Words should usually be chosen with an eye on accuracy and clarity while about half attention on readability (word choice). Readability is more important if you are trying to increase comprehension and retain the reader, while accuracy is more important if you are concerned with an audience’s evaluation of your work.

6.  Check the document and confirm all requirements are met

Your documents appear to be missing some crucial information. I can email you our company doc on what is required if the following is not enough.

First of all, we do hire part-time temporary help and you seem like a perfect fit for that position! You will need to indicate why you would like to work here and what your availability would be during this time (hours per week/days). We also require two references for this position and one of them must come from your most recent employer! Again, I am happy to email more detailed instructions about what we need if this does not make it clear.

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