BSBWOR301 Organize Personal Work Priorities and Development Assessment Answers

BSBWOR301 OrganizeWhile pursuing a management course from different Australian universities & training institutes as TAFE & RTO students learn about organizing personal work priorities and development.

As it is very essential for their professional careers. For developing skills and knowledge, students need to complete BSBWOR301 Organize Personal Work Priorities and Development Assessment Answers.

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Learning outcomes of BSBWOR301 Summative Assessment 1:

After completing the BSBWOR301 Childcare Answer a student will be able to:

Students will be able to organize and complete their own work schedule:

  • According to the organizational requirements, a student will be able to ensure that work goals, objectives, or key performance indicators (KPIs) are understood.
  • To ensure tasks are completed within identified time frames a student will be able to assess and prioritize workload.
  • Students can identify the factors that are affecting the achievement of work objectives. They can also incorporate contingencies into the work plans.
  • To manage and monitor scheduling and completion of tasks a student will be able to use the business technology efficiently and effectively.

Students will be able to monitor their own work performance:

  • To ensure the achievement of tasks and compliance with legislation and work processes or KPIs students will be able to accurately monitor and adjust personal work performance through self-assessment.
  • In the context of individual and group requirements, a student will be able to ensure that feedback is actively addressed.
  • By the organizational requirements, a student will be able to routinely identify and report on variations in the quality of and products and services.
  • Signs of stress and the effects of personal well-being can be identified by the students.
  • Students can identify sources of stress.  They can access appropriate supports and resolution strategies.

Students will be able to co-ordinate personal skills development and learning:

  • After completion of the BSBWOR301  assessment unit students will be able to identify the personal learning and professional development needs and skills gaps using self-assessment and advice from clients and colleagues.
  • In association with the workgroups and relevant personnel, students will be able to identify, prioritize, and plan opportunities for undertaking personal skill development activities.
  • To facilitate continuous learning and career development students will be able to access, complete, and record professional development opportunities.

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Examples of BSBWOR301 questions

  • Related to own work role what are the key provisions of legislation?
  • What are the goals, objectives, or key performance indicators of your work role?
  • When communicating with other people in the workplace what are the ways to elicit, analyze, and interpret feedback?
  • What are the principles and techniques of goal setting, time management, and personal assessment of learning and development needs and measuring performance?
  • How to identify poor work performance? How to fix it?
    • Suggest techniques to deal with workplace stress.
  • What are the signs and sources of stress?
  • According to the organizational requirements and work objectives, you have to prepare a work plan in your BSBWOR301  assignment.

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