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BSBSMB414 Time Management for Small Business Assessment Answer

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By preparing the BSBSMB414 Time Management for Small Business assessment students learns about collecting information for improving time management. They gain knowledge about how to establish personal work goals and priorities.

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Learning outcomes of BSBSMB414 Time Management for Small Business Assessment Answer:

After completing the BSBSMB414 Time Management Assessment you will be able to:

Collect valuable information to improve time management:

  • To record current time usage, students will be able to select an appropriate method.
  • To provide a representative pattern of time usage a student will be able to document all the activities and commitments and the associated efforts required over some time that gathers enough information.
  • Considering the impact of non-regular or one-off activities, students will be able to calculate the amount of time spent on each type of activity.
  • Students will be able to identify the key distractions and time-wasters after completing the BSBSMB414  course.
  • For potential efficiencies, a student will be able to review personal organization and business systems.

Establish personal work goals and priorities:

  • Personal and business objectives and responsibilities can be identified by a student including the ongoing or regular task.
  • Any functions or tasks can be determined by a student that can be delegated or outsourced.
  • For prioritizing tasks aligned to the business goals a student will be able to select a preferred method or process.

Implement time management strategies:

  • According to the priority and aligned with personal productive times a student will be able to schedule the tasks.
  • Relevant to the streamline or automate the process a student will be able to access the necessary technology.
  • Tools can be selected and used by a student that helps to plan time management and schedule tasks.
  • For personal tasks and responsibilities, a student will be able to incorporate blocks of time to assist with work-life balance.
  • Students will be able to set boundaries and communicate with the other available times.
  • Regularly a student will be able to measure personal performance and identify the areas for improvement.

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Mentioned below are the tasks and questions that students have to solve in BSBSMB414 Assessment Answer:

  • You have to establish a representative pattern of current time usage of at least seven (7) days period. You need to identify the key tasks, irregular and regular activities, time-wasters, and distractions.
  • To improve time management you have to demonstrate a systematic approach that incorporates: prioritizing the work tasks and responsibilities linked to the business goals, productive times, and personal responsibilities, to plan scheduling tasks selection of personal organization tools or technology, flexibility to accommodate one time or irregular activities.
  • After new strategies are in place for at least two weeks you have to reflect on personal performance and identify the effectiveness of time management.
  • You have to outline a minimum of three (3) processes or methods of prioritizing tasks and the benefits of each one of them.
  • How technology can be used for time management? Explain!
  • What are the actions that can assist with work-life balance?
  • Who or what are the time-wasters and common distractions for small business owners?

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