BSBSMB302 Develop a Micro Business Proposal Assessment Answer

TAFE Assessment Cover Sheet - nswThe teaching method of a management course has changed a lot in the past few years. At present students spend their time experiencing the roles and challenges faced by a managing professional. To make this course more experiential focused students are given various assignments and project works to make them more familiar with those roles and challenges.

In the big pool of assignments, one is penning the BSBSMB302 Develop a Micro Business Proposal Assessment Answer. The BSBSMB302 Assessment provides the students with an opportunity to learn, how to evaluate business opportunities. they will be able to develop an understanding of how to detail the business idea and how to prepare the business overview to suit different stakeholders.

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Learning outcomes of BSBSMB302 Develop a Micro Business Proposal Assessment:

After completing the Develop a Micro Business Proposal Assessment a student will be able to:

Evaluate business opportunities:

  1. After completion of BSBSMB302 students will be able to identify the key factors affecting the viability of business ideas.
  2. In terms of personal or family needs and commitments, a student will be able to analyze the business ideas.
  3. In line with perceived risks, available resources, and financial returns and other outcomes sought a student will be able to determine the viability of the business opportunity.
  4. Impacts of emerging or changing technology can be evaluated by a student, including e-commerce, on the opportunity.
  5. For a particular business opportunity, a student will be able to assess and match personal skills and attributes against those required.
  6. By the resources available and personal preferences, a student can identify and assess business risks.

Detail business ideas:

  1. For the key stakeholders, a student can develop an accurate description of the business idea.
  2. An accurate summary of the major products or services can be developed by a student that is required to suit personal needs and requirements.

Prepare a business overview to suit different stakeholders:

  1. Students will be able to prepare an accurate list of key stakeholders and their information requirements.
  2. For each stakeholder, a student can determine an acceptable method of presentation of information.
  3. Students will be able to provide accurate customized information to target the appropriate audience.

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Mentioned below is a list of tasks and questions that a student has to complete in BSBSMB302 Develop a Micro Business Proposal Assessment:

  1. To evaluate a business opportunity, you must analyze information from a range of sources which includes the following: consideration of personal and family commitments, digital technologies including e-commerce, risk identification, and assessment, attribute analyst and personal skills against required skills, and financial returns.
  2. You have to provide a document and communicate business ideas to the stakeholders including the customizable information for each stakeholder.
  3. Relating to the micro-business operations you have to summarise relevant government legislative requirements.
  4. You have to do research on proposal writing and explain how to write a business project proposal?
  5. For a micro-business, you have to explain how to manage income and expenditure costing.
  6. Relevant to the micro-business operation you have to discuss regulations and codes of practice.
  7. Relevant to the business opportunity you have to outline the principles of risk assessment.
  8. You have to describe at least three (3) various business proposal methods or formats of presentation.

Note: when writing the BSBSMB302 Assessment students have to include access to business technology including internet access, Business plan answer, marketing assignment, relevant legislation, regulations, standards, and codes.
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