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BSBSMB301: Categorize Them By The Industry Types Discussed Earlier: Investigate Micro-Business Opportunities Assignment, VU, Australia

Activity 1.

Researching Micro Businesses

Visit a local shopping center and identify the types of businesses by completing the following:

1. Categorise them by the industry types discussed earlier in this Chapter.

2. Group them as micro-businesses, small businesses (5-20 employees), or big businesses (more than 20 employees). Take a common-sense approach to this.

For example:

Florist                   –        micro business

Restaurant          –        small business

Woolworths       –        big business

Activity 2.

Exploring Business Ideas

Use the suggested sources of information provided on the preceding pages to list 10 micro-business ideas that you think may be worth investigating further. Indicate the types of products or services that each business would be providing.

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