BSBREL401 Establish Networks Assessment Answer

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To make students more efficient with the concepts of establishing networks, the course introduces the students with BSBREL401 Establish Networks Assessment. The BSBREL401 Assessment teaches the students how to develop and maintain business networks, how to establish and maintain business networks, and how to promote the relationship.

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Learning outcomes of BSBWOR302 Assessment Answer 1:

Upon successful completion of the Assessment BSBWOR302 students will be able to:

Develop and maintain business networks:

  1. To establish and maintain relationships students will be able to use appropriate network strategies that promote the development of business opportunities.
  2. After completing the BSBREL401  assignment students will be able to identify and pursue network opportunities.
  3. To inform individuals, colleagues, and clients of potential benefits a student will be able to communicate information regarding the new networks.
  4. To obtain and maintain personal knowledge and skills a student will be able to participate in professional networks and associations.

Establish and maintain business:

  1. To promote benefits consistent with organization or client requirements a student will be able to develop and maintain relationships.
  2. Students can maintain trust and confidence in contacts through the demonstration of high standards of business practices.
  3. To encourage positive outcomes students will be able to use a high level of negotiation skills.
  4. Difficult situations and negotiate solutions can be identified by a student using collaborative problem-solving techniques.
  5. In the development of contacts, students will be able to seek specialist advice where appropriate.

Promote relationship:

  1. To represent and promote the interests and requirements of the relationship a student will be able to develop strategies.
  2. To communicate the goals and objectives of the relationship students will be able to use appropriate presentation skills.
  3. Issues, policies, and practice of the relationship can be effectively communicated by the students to a range of audiences.
  4. To identify and develop ways to improve promotional activities within available opportunities a student will be able to obtain feedback.

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Different questions under  BSBREL401 Assessment

some of the question and tasks below that a student has to answer:

  • What are the benefits of networking?
  • What are the strategies that a person can utilize for establishing and maintaining a business relationship? Describe them!
  • What are the relevant networks, agencies, associations, organizations, or individuals? Identify all.
  • To negotiate positive outcomes what are the principle and techniques that are needed?
  • Relevant to the business relationship what are the client or organizational policies, plans, and procedures?
  • What are the methods for obtaining feedback on promotional activities?
  • You have to identify and use networking opportunities and maintain records of relevant contacts.
  • To improve promotional activities you have to use the feedback.
  • To establish, cultivate, and promote professional business relationships you have to use written and verbal communication skills.

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