BSBPMG521 Manage Project Integration Assessment Answers

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Learning outcomes of the BSBPMG521 Manage Project Integration Assessment:

Upon successful completion of the BSBPMG521 Assessment a student will be able to:

  • Project Initiation documents can be identified, clarified, and prepared by a student.
  • The relationship between the project and broader organization strategies and goals can be identified by a student.
  • With relevant authorities and stakeholders, a student will be able to negotiate a project governance structure.
  • Project charter for approval by relevant authorities can be prepared and submitted by a student.
  • To disaggregate project objectives into achievable project deliverables, a student will be able to establish and implement a methodology.
  • For stage completion against client requirements and project objectives, a student will be able to identify project stages and key requirements.
  •  A student will be able to manage the project in an established internal work environment which is important for ensuring the effectiveness of work.
  • A student will be able to finalize financial, legal, and contractual obligations.
  • Students need to perform Identification and allocation of project finalization activities.
  • To reflect project progress against baseline and changes a student need to ensure updation in existing plans.

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Tasks that a student has to complete in BSBPMG521 Manage Project Integration Assessment:

The task of the BSBPMG521 Assessment is to provide the students with an opportunity to demonstrate the ability to identify, clarify, and prepare project initiation. Do students have to research What is a project initiation document?

Relevant to an organization students have to identify the four types of project initiation documentation that students can use. Students have to choose two (2) of the project initiation documents which they identified in the previous question. They have to prepare these documents by an organization procedure.

  • Students have to attach the copies to their workbook.

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