BSBPMG513 Manage Project Quality Assessment Answer

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Learning outcomes of BSBPMG513 Manage Project Quality Assessment:

After completing the BSBPMG513 Manage Project Quality Assessment students will learn to:

  • With input from stakeholders, students will be able to determine quality objectives and standards.
  • For compliance with agreed plans students will be able to undertake quality assurance audits of project processes.
  • Causes of variance to quality metrics and undertake remedial actions, identifications can be made by the students.
  • To enable accurate and timely recording of quality audit data students will be able to maintain a quality management system.
  •  Ensure continuous quality improvement students will be able to review processes and implement agreed changes continually throughout the project life cycle.
  •  Determine the effectiveness of quality management processes and procedures students will be able to review project outcomes against performance requirements.
  • Students will be able to discuss, distribute, and support quality requirements with the project team and stakeholders.

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In the BSBPMG513 Manage Project Quality Assessment you have to complete the following tasks:

Task 1 in BSBPMG513 Assessment is to Determine Quality Requirements:

Using the template below for the scope of the project students have to document a Quality Management Plan. The project management plan should also be included in the Quality management plan as a deliverable. To ensure that project team members and stakeholders understood the quality plan you documented above, what are the steps you would take?

Task 2 in BSBPMG513 Assessment:  Implement Quality Process:

In this task, students have to provide the results of quality assurance and control activities, there should be sufficient evidence of identification and resolution of quality management problems and defects.

The quality assurance audits of project performance and completed checklists that can be included in this or specific status reporting on the completion and outcomes of quality assurance activities, or including percentage complete and defect logs.
2) You have to explain the action taken to correct the variance, for one of the variances in quality identified above.
3) Students have to briefly explain How the quality management system enables accurate and timely recording of quality audit data in your project?

Task 3

In the third task, students have to give an example where they reviewed the quality process and implemented the agreed changes.
2) In terms of quality management, you have to review your project performance. According to you, do you think your quality management processes and procedures be considered effective?  Why/why not?
3) List all of the quality problems that you may have faced on the project with the recommendations for future projects.
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