BSBPMG511 Manage Project Scope Assessment Answer

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Upon successful completion of the BSBPMG511 MANAGE PROJECT Scope Assignment students can be able to:

The project life cycle and its significance of scope management can be explained by a student.
A student will be able to list the key information required in a scope management plan.
The student will be able to demonstrate how to manage and resolve conflicting scope requirements between the stakeholders.
A student will be able to explain the difference between the project scope and a project charter.

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Mentioned below are some of the questions that are asked in BSBPMG511 MANAGE PROJECT SCOPE ASSESSMENT:

Students have to give an explanation of the project life cycle and its significance in the scope management.
In a scope management plan list all the key information you would include.
What are the steps you will take to manage and resolve the conflicting scope requirements between the stakeholders?
To manage the requested changes to the project scope, explain the process you would implement.
While identifying the two additional types of project initiation documentation, differentiate between the project scope and a project charter.
Outline your roles and responsibilities about project planning, as a project manager.
Explain the purpose of a work breakdown structure? To develop a WBS, outline some of the more common techniques used.

In the BSBPMG511 MANAGE PROJECT SCOPE ASSESSMENT, you have to provide a Project Scope Management plan for a current workplace or for one where you have recently worked within the past two years. To confirm the performance requirements like its methodology, tools, and techniques of each unit, your selected project must be agreed upon between you and your professor or assessor.
You must ensure that you were able to incorporate project management methodology which you will cover in this unit if you are referring to a previously completed project. The same project can be used by you for all units in this course, however, if there is a change in your selected project during the course or if you cannot meet the performance requirements of any of the assessments, you have to contact your professor or assessor to find out what you have to do to continue to satisfy the course performance requirements and complete the BSBPMG511 assessment.

Scenario A Highway Lights and Co

Your major stakeholder VicRoads has requested that the finish time for the project has to be brought forward by one month. With the potential for more projects in the future, your manager sees VicRoads as a lucrative client. Your manager has agreed to adjust the project to meet their requests.

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