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BSBPEF402- Develop personal work priorities Assessment Answers

Course: TAFE

Type: Practical

This assessment describes the skills and knowledge required to plan effectively, without feeling overwhelmed. It also addresses how you can monitor your own performance in order for it to be improved upon continually so that you are always striving towards success at work.

The first step to developing your personal work priorities is to assess where you are now. Once you know what areas need improvement, and then strategize how to reach the goals that were set in each area. It’s important not only to identify these goals but also to create a plan for achieving them. One way of doing this is by setting milestones and deadlines for you. This will help keep you accountable for sticking with it until the end.

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We are describing assessment activities. These are:

Assessment Activity 1: Plan personal work schedule

Everyone should have a personal work schedule that they follow every day. With this schedule, you can stay focused on your work and get more done in less time. It is important to create a plan for yourself because if you don’t do it, no one else will! You need to know what you really want. If there are distractions at home or work, then maybe it’s time to consider working from another location like co-working spaces or coffee shops.

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1. Identify task requirements

Tasks can be given from the teacher, from a higher-up individual, from peers, or from students. The most important criteria with tasks are for the tasks to be clear and specific.

Individuals should take care to make sure they understand what is being asked of them before they commit, as it can be easy to miss something which would cause conflicts later on. Questions about the task should always be welcomed by those who have been assigned a task. It’s also a good idea for those giving an assignment that has deadlines involved in it to post the deadline upfront so those tasked know when they will have their work due back as well as not receiving no credit if they submit past this date.

 2. Identify own accountabilities in line with task requirements

Answer: I am performing the following tasks as per my responsibilities

  • Monitoring and responding to technical requests from Sales team members including service desk inquiries, phone calls, and emails.
  • Installing updates to various programs, systems, and services throughout the company.
  • Maintaining a satisfied user base for our software application through telephone surveys/on-site web meetings with clients.
  • Performing basic troubleshooting activities including data acquisitions, setup of printers/computers, etc., network infrastructure-related issues, etc. Resolve any incidents logged by the company’s support desk after assessing their severity level.
  • Developing procedures for maintaining various business applications to ensure optimal performance levels all year round as per agreed SLA’s.

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 3. Assess barriers for the performance of personal accountabilities

A lack of time, skills, and mental perception are all barriers to performance. For example, I could tell you that “and his left-hand sways away” means Kylian is about to kick the ball the wrong way. But if you don’t understand what “sway” or “kick” means in this situation, it won’t help you out much.

Some other ways barriers can come up include fear of failure (which can lead to paralysis), small benefits which make a great effort not worth it for an individual person (like changing corporations), difficulty understanding how things work (like accounting), or insecurity about your own abilities.

People are more likely to reach performance if they believe that it is possible, that effort brings rewards.

4. Develop a personal work schedule

An Individual’s optimal working conditions could be a blend of both the micromanagement and autonomous work scheduler. A traditional 80-hour work schedule is not always efficient for some professionals, but however, when timed correctly with two weeks off in between for reduced workload can maximize efficiency. In order to make time for relaxants such as vacations or hobbies, an individual should plan their allotted time accordingly. Allotting 24 hours a day allows one an 8-hour sleep which leaves 16 hours a day with various tasks that may include chores, relaxation activities, and/or creative exploration. This is just one example of an optimized routine that it is recommended to change every once in a while to keep interest levels high and save burnout from overworking.

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Assessment Activity 2: Implement personal work schedule

One of the most important aspects of being a successful professional is being able to manage your time. It is crucial for professionals to be able to work efficiently and have an organized schedule in order to get tasks completed on time. There are many different ways that you can go about creating a personal work schedule, but it’s best if you find one that works for you. In this activity, you will be creating a work schedule that has both an optimal productivity level and is manageable for your daily lifestyle.

1. Communicate personal work schedule to relevant personnel

This depends. If you work with a colleague and need to communicate your schedule, the best way is to talk with them and sort out a time for scheduling.

If you work in management, I recommend asking for help from another manager if possible so they can handle it on their end as well. And then share back about how that went with the original person you had asked. Managers should take note of the here-and-there requests people make and try to accommodate them as much as possible towards providing an environment where folks feel supported in their flexible schedules.

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2. Monitor own performance according to personal work schedule

This is an extremely important and integral part of any manager’s job: to monitor his or her own performance according to the person’s own work schedule. If a person does not gauge their own performance, who will?

It is the responsibility of every individual in a managerial position to understand what they need to produce. This includes understanding how much time-off they need for self-care, what their paid vacations are scheduled for, required breaks such as lunch or coffee breaks required by law, and so forth. It is imperative that managers take care of themselves first before others because it attests to their humanity and humble servant nature. They don’t face this world alone either: we all need each other!

3. Document variations between expected and actual work performance according to task requirements and communicate to relevant personnel

Firstly, identify the tasks to be performed. Secondly, collect data from each phase of work and compare them to the standard procedures and/or specifications for that phase. Finally, communicate any findings and conclusions directly with relevant personnel.

For example, An expected delivery date on a project may vary based on task requirements or available resources; if their workload varies by about 10% then we could say that they are performing as expected. If their performance does not match up with expectations such as too little progress, more than 10%, it is advisable to investigate the root cause of this variance before proceeding so as not to overload staff or risk exceeding deadlines. Formal corrective action should be taken in some cases depending on the severity of the problem.

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Assignment Activity 3: Review personal work priorities

In order to effectively prioritize your work, it is important to know what you value. In fact, your values are likely the foundation for all other decisions in life. Values include things like family, friends, and community. Values are extremely important because they provide you with a sense of purpose and fulfill your emotional needs.

There is no right or wrong answer when establishing your priorities; you need to understand what’s at the top of the list for you personally. In this activity, we will be reviewing our values and understanding how they work in relation to the tasks we perform.

1. Seek and evaluate feedback from relevant stakeholders on own work performance

Firstly, you should make sure that all relevant stakeholders such as customers and employees are notified early of their opportunity to give feedback (in the form of a survey). This has been proven to increase ratings on performance. Secondly, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from colleagues and even superiors; this will allow them to offer constructive criticism that you can use constructively. Thirdly, be proactive and encourage co-workers to evaluate your work. Do this by following up with your team after time spent together so the interaction becomes more informal outside of formal meetings. Fourthly, try using 360-degree reviews so people can “rate” themselves as well as give the impression that you’re not looking for feedback from only one side.

Finally, use the information and data gathered to make the necessary changes to improve your work performance. Feedback is extremely valuable and should be used as a learning opportunity.

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2. Analyze variations between expected and actual work performance

In order to quantify performance expectations, it is helpful to define what a “positive variance” means. Expected work performance can be defined by behavioral anchors which establish baseline levels for both quantity and quality of work performed. The time span over which these behavioral anchors were established can be anything from one day up to a year or more. For example, the baseline level of quality might be set at a rating of 5 out of 10, whereas the quantity requirement could vary between 40% and 60%.

A positive variance will occur when desired results are above the standard expectation in either number or quality. Typical performance reviews usually transparently display these variances for each employee so they understand what needed changes may need to take place so they can meet expectations. Managers should use this information when writing up performance reviews to better understand what employees are expected to produce and give any necessary feedback so their work meets these requirements in the future.

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3. Update personal work schedule according to internal and external feedback and changes in circumstances

It is natural that a person’s feelings about his or her personal work schedule can change. If you find your personal work schedule no longer suits the needs of your family, it might be a good time to make changes. The amount of feedback an individual gets from his or her supervisor does not really affect this decision. Changes in circumstances have been known to alter what was once a perfect schedule for an employee, so be sure to reflect on those as well before finalizing any final decisions as they relate to updating one’s personal work schedule.

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