BSBMGT617 Develop and Implement a Business Plan Assessment Answer

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This business plan and  BSBMGT617 unit cover all the knowledge and skills that a person must have for running a business efficiently. It also covers all the detailed processes need for developing a master business plan and then finally implementing it. This usually applies to the people who are running a company.

As such, these persons may supervise the work of various teams and managers. These persons are actually taking a senior role in this effective functioning of a specific business plan.

And the main objective of these BSBMGT617 assignment tasks is to enable a student for handling an organization solely with great profits.

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Learning outcomes of bsbmgt617 develop and implement a business plan Course module

After successful completion of the management plan module, the student will be able to –

  • Analyze and research for good business plans, a good business vision, mission, goals of the company, objectives of the organization.they will be able to make appropriate management arrangements, marketing approaches, and strategic business and operational plans.
  • Prepare a perfect business plan which includes various necessary aspects like details of the business, a full description of products and services provided by the organization, finances, all the permit and license formalities. They will be able to determine the human resource requirements, labor, and finally the marketing activities.
  • Perfectly supervise the activities in the company and then analyzing the profitability of some products which indicates whether the company is gaining any profit or not.
  • To predict the specific strengths and weaknesses of a business strategy.

Types of Assessment tasks in sbmgt617 :

This assessment basically aims to develop the skills in students which they need to develop and implement new business strategies. The main task in this assessment is to answer a lot of BSBMGT617 assignment questions.

By answering questions you will be able to easily demonstrate an understanding of various techniques for developing and implementing a business plan.
To solve such questions, you must be looking for bsbmgt617 assessment answers.

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  • Assessment 2 answers of bmgt617
  • Task 3 of  bsbmgt617
  • bsbmgt617 assessment 4 answer

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Tips for writing bsbmgt617  business plan assessment task

Prepare a business plan summary

The very first thing you have to do is prepare a business plan summary which comprises the main objective of the new business plan and the reasons you want these changes.

This summary further must have some detailed information about the changes you are going to do in your organization.
And finally the detailed information about the research and the various discussions you have done while preparing the business plan.

Mention the main purpose of the business plan

Continuing in this way, you need to mention the main purpose of your business plan which includes the various business methodologies including the predictions about the competitors and the ways to be better than them, the capability of your business to achieve the business goals, and estimate the attainability of the objectives of the business.

This portion further includes discussions with various market professionals regarding the development after implementing the business plan.

Provide complete detail of the property

Furthermore, you have to mention the full details of the property and how much material you are going to use to make the changes. In nutshell, you have to mention everything even the tiniest detail about the changes like if you are renovating a building or your hotel, then you have to mention that what changes you are going to make on the exterior of the hotel and what kind of changes you are going to make in the interiors like how many rooms you are going to renovate and how these rooms are going to get better than their current condition and what kind of new facilities you are going to provide after this renovation. And finally the estimated profits you are going to make after implementing all these plans.

Mention a compact company summary in BSBMGT617  assessment answers

And lastly, you have to mention the company summary including the details of the owner of the company, financial status, and capabilities. You also need to include information about the key advisor staff of your organization. Students also need to include an overview of the current situation of the organization. It is very much important for students to mention the advantages of this business plan.

After all this, you need to mention various potential opportunities your organization will get with the help of this new business plan.
And finally, for implementing, you need to mention the different marketing strategies including your regular guests, parties, or function and it will definitely change after your guest’s positive feedback.
Moreover, you need to mention your pricing strategies and the methods you are going to use for publicity. And then you can conclude your plan by mentioning the estimated financial plan.

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