BSBMGT615 Assessment Answer – Contribute to Organization Development

Today in Australia BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organisation Development Assignments are being given to many students pursuing a management degree course. This assignment gives an in-depth knowledge about making an efficient organization development plan. With the help of this plan in the professional career of the student, an organization can become very effective and can grow very quickly.  And students will be able to create a development plan for an organization.

BSBMGT615 Assessment Answer – Contribute to Organization Development

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Being a very important assignment for the students, that makes it one of the most difficult assignment to complete for a student. To complete this assignment a student must have certain skills like “collect and analyze data on business issues” or to “evaluate and modify development activities as per the requirement”. This assignment totally depends upon how well a student can create a development plan for an organization

Learning outcomes of BSBMGT615:

After successfully completing the BSBMGT615 assignment you will be able to create an organizational development plan in which you will be able to collect and analyze the data as per the need. You can also decide who will take important roles in the organization and confirm their commitment.
Questions asked in BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organisation Development Assignment
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The key to successfully making the BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organisation Development Assignment lies in analyzing the strategic plan to develop, implement, and maintain the organization development plan. Creating a strategic plan which can be implemented in an organization requires in-depth knowledge about the subject.

Analyze the Strategic plan:

To create a successful organization a clear vision, purpose, and strategies to achieve those visions must be set. By creating the strategic plan the organization can reach its long terms goal. An organization’s current state and strategies which need to be implemented are identified by the strategic plan. With the help of a strategic plan, the performance, leadership, systems, and workforce capability of the organization must be molded and aligned.

Prepare a Development Plan for BSBMGT615

Preparing a development plan relates to leadership, management, performance, culture, attitude, capability, motivation, rewards, and recognition. The easy transition of individuals, teams, and departments must be ensured by the development plan from the current state to the expected state in the future.

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 List of parameters that helps in enabling the transition

You should include a list of such parameters in your BSBMGT615 assignment.

  • Knowledge Management

  This is a type of parameter which you should mention while considering the risks of implementing a strategy.  Knowledge management is an improvement or a redesign of practices and processes which you can use for the exchange of knowledge.

  • Process Consultation

This parameter you can use for upgrading processes within the organization. To develop practical solutions to problems related to process efficiency and effectiveness groups of teams come together.

  • Communication

Properly communicating about any issue or notion is a very important parameter to achieve a healthy working environment across the organization. There should be no gap between the management and the employee.  You should have transparent and continuous communication.

  • Team Building

  Building a team helps in understanding the ways of knowing how employees can best work together, they get to know each other and know what to expect from another employee.

  • Intergroup Development

Changing the attitude and perceptions that everyone has made of each other is included in this parameter. Having regular meetings about addressing the problems caused by a lack of cooperation and efficiency between the groups and team and finding the solutions to those problems is a very common technique of intergroup development.
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