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BSBLEG314: Protect the information in a legal services environment Assessment Answers

Course: TAFE

Type: Practical

This assessment describes the skills and knowledge required to protect the information in a legal services environment. The candidate should have experience with electronic records management, discovery techniques for attorney-client privilege distinction from nonprivileged data or matters related litigation proceedings including depositions of clients under oath before discovery production rules apply; risk assessment when dealing with client privileged material at trial without an appropriate yes/no answer option during questioning if there is any reasonable suspicion they may not be honest about what was discussed between them plus know-how investigate ethical issues involved employee comp laws, legal compliance rules, anti-discrimination laws and the consequences of noncompliance.

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Here, we are describing the assignment task. These are:

Assignment Task 1: Work within accepted codes of conduct

It is critical that employees are aware of the company’s code of conduct. This includes not only what they can do, but also what they cannot do. Employees must be able to identify which behavior is appropriate and which is not; this will help them maintain a professional image in the workplace and avoid legal ramifications for their employer.

It may seem unfair that companies have such strict guidelines for employee behavior, but it is best for everyone involved when there are clear boundaries between right and wrong. If employees are aware of the code, they are less likely to commit unethical acts or break the law. This not only protects both employers and employees in many ways but also keeps customers happy when laws are followed correctly.

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1. Update documents and forward reports on the progress of matters to clients and legal practitioners according to instructions and organizational policies and procedures

Legal practitioners will usually write a summary of the file and present it to their clients. If the client disagrees, they can order or request an update from either party.

In many cases, lawyers are required to provide regular updates for their clients on any new developments in a file without having been instructed by them first. In these cases, the lawyer has already been given instructions from their client so they should be looking for instructions on how frequently the updates need to communicate. If unable to find instructions, legal practitioners will usually defer to organizational policies that can outline what is best practice in this area. All information should be forwarded according to policy guidelines set out by organizations both inside and outside law firms such as Bar Associations and Industry Bodies.

2. Identify personal roles and responsibilities in relation to communication with relevant parties

There is a broad area of responsibility pertaining to the exchange of information relevant to reporting and investigative activities. Notably, collecting data from relevant parties for records retention purposes, extracting data via subpoena or search warrant service, preparing administrative subpoenas for trial scheduling, preparing financial documents in support of complaints alleging fraudulent activity

Among other items related to this responsibility include maintaining an effective file system that includes records retention systems for all communications exchanged with private litigants that are simultaneously responsive to law enforcement requests. I also prepare summonses for hearings before commissioners, judges, and attorneys-at-law who will determine whether it is necessary to impose sanctions upon litigants alleged to have violated FTCA provisions concerning disclosure.

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3. Communicate conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest in a legal matter to the legal practitioner responsible for the matter

The requisite disclosures in a legal practitioner’s communication to a client include a client’s right to be informed of any conflict of interest between the practitioner and the client, which must typically be disclosed either before engagement is initiated or at the point when it becomes likely that such conflict may arise.

If there is an actual or potential conflict of interest between you and your clients then you need to disclose that with them very early on so they can assess whether they want to proceed. It will depend on what you were asked by them for assistance with if whether this disclosure needs to happen upfront, or at some time during your involvement.

4. Follow organizational procedures for receipting payments

Processing receipts is a key element of accounting. A receipt legally proves the buyer’s ownership of an article or service. A customarily written receipt can be called more than just the “original document.”

The amount of time spent on processing receipts might vary, depending on how many were processed on that day. It may take up to five minutes to process one transaction if it was done correctly whereas it may take three minutes or less if it was done incorrectly because there are no vouchers created for this particular sale.

Estimates vary widely but two hours is probably a safe allotment per day while averaging forty transactions during operating hours and lunch break hours, which includes processing payments along with other mixed accounts for this job position.

There are many considerations when looking at the time for this task but it is imperative that the end results are accurate and that there are no errors, which can come from scanning or manual entry. There are also other tasks that need to be done in order to ensure accuracy – tasks such as reviewing each transaction against purchase orders, packing slips, and invoice items to ensure that the information is accurate.

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5. Assess information regarding what is and what is not disclosable

It might be difficult to assess what is and what’s not disclosable, but the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the courts have set out some guidelines. This means that if an employer has taken steps that are reasonable to prevent photocopying or surveillance of documents containing medical information about employees, then the employer need not show these documents to an individual requesting them.

For example, if all back-copies of any medical records stored in a stationery closet located outside of the HR office are stored inside locked files with private locks or keys assigned only to authorized individuals on a need-to-know basis for specific legitimate uses, then they do not technically have to disclose this information if requested.

Assignment Task 2: Follow storage procedures

Follow storage procedures when storing your belongings. It is important to consider environmental factors and the safety of the property. The environment can be hot or cold, dry or moist, and the property could be exposed to pests like rodents that chew on fabrics. There are many ways you can store items such as in a closet, under the bed, inside suitcases, and more! Keep your items clean by using deodorizers such as baking soda or lavender oil (make sure it doesn’t say not for food use). You also want to make sure you don’t place any plastic products near heat sources because they will melt over time.

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1. Store and secure documents according to organizational policies and procedures

Storing and securing documents according to organizational policies and procedures can be achieved by E-Paper making them resilient to natural disasters such as floods, thieves, fires, or even time. This information can always be accessed securely from any location with Internet access. Moreover, passwords, as well as complexity, is limited so as not to prohibit the employees from receiving or retrieving higher volumes of data for further analysis which they do not have permission to do currently.

E-paper makes accessible a multi-sensorial experience by supplementing visual content with data feeds that appear on its surface at a variety of intervals using tactile feedback provided by haptic interactions between a human finger against the paper’s surface triggering action of information delivery.

2. Label and store all materials required by legislation to be stored for certain periods of time and according to organizational policies and procedures

Label and store all materials required by legislation to be stored for certain periods of time according to organizational policies and procedures. It is common knowledge that storage temperature, appropriate quantity of products, materials handling practices can directly affect product performance characteristics. That includes shelf life, chemical stability, surface friction/wear properties, silicone wettability for example.

The primary objective should be to reduce the likelihood of injuries or other adverse health effects while minimizing the potential loss of product or environmentally damaging events such as fire or leaks that may lead to contamination of the environment. Additionally, better inventory control leads to lower costs per unit over time. Lesser quality leads to lost sales- if not other costly consequences like fines for noncompliance issued by enforcement authorities.

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