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BSBITU305 Conduct Online Transactions Assessment Answer

TAFE Assessment Cover Sheet - nswWith the wide use of online transaction all over the globe, the majority of businesses conducts the online transaction. It is very important in the modern developing world to maintain records and review online transactions.

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They will gain knowledge about how to maintain records and review online transactions. Due to a lack of knowledge about the subject and important terms many students fail to fulfill writing standards.

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Learning outcomes of the assessment BSBITU305 Conduct Online Transactions:

After successful completion of BSBITU305 Answer 1, students will be able to:

Identify and investigate online service providers by completing the BSBITU305  assessment:

  1. To identify suppliers of required products and services students will be able to undertake online research.
  2. According to the individual and organizational requirements, students will be able to assess services such as confidentiality, security, and privacy.
  3. For authenticity, a student will be able to assess potential products and services.

Perform an online transaction:

  1.  Students will be able to confirm organizational requirements.
  2. According to the organizational requirements, a student will be able to ensure authentication information is secured.
  3. To obtain the required products and services a student will be able to use appropriate online functions.
  4.  Students will be able to report difficulties in accessing or using online facilities to the service providers.
  5. According to the terms of online transactions, a student will be able to complete transactions.

Maintain records of online transactions:

  1. By the organizational policy, procedures, and level of authority, a student will be able to maintain records of transactions.
  2. With the help of the BSBITU305 learner’s guide, students will be able to compare organizational records with online records. They will develop the potential for dealing with irregularities.

Review online transactions:

  1. After completion of the BSBITU305  unit, students will be able to determine the quality, timeliness, and level of customer service. They will be able to review obtained products or services rendered about the advertised profile.
  2. Regarding transaction history, students will be able to make recommendations regarding the continued use of online services.

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Questions under BSBITU305 Online Transaction Assessment 1.

While writing the BSBITU305 Online Transaction Assessment 1, students have to answer the various questions

  • Related to the use of the internet and online purchasing what are the policies and procedures? Explain
  • What are service provider requirements?
  • Related to a range of online transactions, what are the legal and ethical requirements involved?
  • Relevant to the legislation affect the aspects of business operations you have to outline its key provisions.
  • When assessing an online service provider you have to adhere to organizational requirements.
  • You have to maintain the records by the organizational policy and procedures.

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