BSBINN601 Lead and Manage Organizational Change Assessment Answer

The BSBINN601 lead and manage organizational change is a course that is linked to the Change Management Assignment. This unit helps the students studying in Australian universities to learn the skills and the knowledge which is required to determine requirements and opportunities of strategic changes as well as provides enough knowledge to solve BSBINN601 Lead and Manage Organizational Change Assessment Answers.TAFE Assessment Cover Sheet It is also helpful in learning about how to develop, devise, and assess change management strategies. The students pursuing this course from Victoria University, Australia might successfully find jobs in human resources management. Also, the field of strategic policy and planning area.

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Tasks included in BSBINN601 Lead and Manage Organizational Change Assessment Answers

The assignment involved in the BSBINN601 assessment has various tasks involving different parts that need to be solved by the students. The writers of have explained the tasks and also provides the solutions to it, which will help them to excel in their assignment and grades.

Part 1: Identify change requirements and opportunities

Description: The task asks the students for strategic and operational changes. The students need to gather information related to the latest strategic direction of an organization. Also, the stimulating situation provides them with information.
Task 1

  • Make a list of changes that are possible. The students have to do the following:
  • Review operational measures
  • Strategic plan reviewing of an organization
  • Evaluation of policies and procedures
  • Environmental events and trends

After this, the students need to prepare a BSBINN601 task 1 of part 1 report which showcase the outcomes of the meeting with the manager on a discussion about the list of changes.

Part 2: Develop a change management strategy

Description: the activity of this task involves the series of analysis which a student has to adopt for change management strategy.
Task 1

  • The students in BSBINN601 assessment task 1 of part 2 have to select two supreme priority change requirements or occasions. After this, they have to manage the analysis of cost-benefit, risk analysis, potential analysis for the change requirements of each of them.

Task 2

  • The development of the change management project plan by selecting the change requirements. It includes objectives, methodology, outcomes, budget, mitigation strategies, etc.
  • The next point of BSBINN601 task 2 is to seek approval for the change program for further proceeding.
  • Agreement on resources and protocol of the report.

Part 3: Implement change management strategy

Description: part 3 of BSBINN601 requires the students to develop communication and education plans which support the change of management strategy. Also, the students need to have a single aspect of the strategy and accordingly plan the whole process of evaluation and review.
Task 1

  • The BSBINN601 assessment 1 of part 3 needs the students to consult the group of people who are going to be impacted by the change program and identify the communication and education need by them.
  • A simple sample of the materials which are going to be used during the task should be made by the students.

Task 2

  • Preparation of communication or education plan which includes the needs which are identified in the consultation process. This plan should have needed to showcase, strategies, measures to the impact of the communication or education plan, activities scheduled, etc.
  • Arrangement of single communication or educational activity which is described in task 2 above. This involves staff meeting, conduction focus groups, delivering training for the group staff, having on one discussion, or mentoring with the members of the staff.

Task 3

  • Action on at least one activity that is planned in the project of change management.
  • Description of the barriers which the students face while they are implementing the activity and also about the strategies which the students will use to overcome these barriers.
  • Description of the student’s monitoring, evaluation, and interventions included in the program.

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Learning outcomes of BSBINN601 Lead and Manage Organizational Change Assessment Answers

Lead and manage organizational change answers and its assessment lets the students of Australian universities learn a lot.

  • The students will be able to learn about the skills and will know the strategies included in the change program.
  • It will help them to develop, assess, and device the changes in the strategies of management.
  • Great job opportunities in the field of human resources management, human resources development, and planning area for the students.
  • It will improve their communication skills while doing the course unit.

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