BSBHRM506 Manage Recruitment Selection And Induction Processes Assignment Answer

TAFE Assessment Cover SheetThe scope of a management course in Australia has enhanced & many students are curious about pursuing a management course in Australia. There are different domains in a management course out of which one is BSBHRM 506: Human Resources.

In human resources, students learn how an HR department works and about their roles.

While pursuing this course students have to deliver lots and lots of assignments. One of the assignments is BSBHRM 506 Manage Recruitment Selection and Induction Processes Assignment. It is a very difficult and important assignment Before starting to write assignment students need to know the roles of the HR department in an organization.

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Things you will learn after completing BSBHRM506 summative assessment 2 answers:

After completing BSBHRM 506 task 1 students will be able to understand and implement in-depth knowledge about the Human Resource, recruitment, selection, and induction processes in their professional careers. They will be able to develop a strategy to recruit and select the staff for an organization. They can also design an induction training program.

Task’s to complete in BSBHRM 506 project 1

The first task in BSBHRM 506 project 1 is to develop recruitment, selection, induction policies, and procedures. Then after that, you have to develop a strategy to recruit and select staff. In the final step, you have to design an induction training program.

The first step in completing the BSBHRM 506

The first is to develop recruitment, selection, and induction policies as it very important function of Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM). Attracting and keeping the best human resources is the biggest hurdle that organizations are facing no days.

Activities like demand forecasting, training and development, strategic recruitment, and selection criteria are included in overall human resource management.
Assuming! That you are at the post of human resource manager in a big transport organization with 700 employees. The organization is bifurcated into 5 departments Finance, marketing, customer service, operations, and human resource. There is a departmental manager for each department.

Being a human resource manager you need to prepare a manual to cover procedures and policies for selection, recruitment, and induction activities including all of the staff.

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In the second step

After developing recruitment, selection, and induction policies you have to develop a recruitment and selection strategy while. While developing the recruitment and selection there are certain methods and points which you have to consider like: Methods to determine the future human resource needs, information that you can include in the job description and job advertisement, policies and legal requirements that could be kept in mind when advertising a job vacancy, you have to choose any two recruitment specialist who will assist you in recruitment.

The third step of the BSBHRM 506 assessment

You have to Design an induction training program that can be used in training new starters and giving them useful information about the organization. A fully detailed and well-explained induction can ensure the retention and quick settlement of new starters.

There is a saying that “the first impression is the last impression” so a professionally designed induction will be the first and last impression of the organization and it is also a brilliant opportunity to strengthen their decision to come and work with you.
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