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BSBDIV501 Manage Diversity in the Workplace Assessment 1 Answer


Please complete the student details section. This short answer assessment is one form of assessment that is used to collect evidence of competency for this unit. To demonstrate competence you must correctly answer all questions. Any shortfalls or wrong responses may be followed up by your trainer in verbal, written, or practical instances.
If more space is required for any answer you may attach a separate page containing the name, assessment date, unit title unit code, and the assessment task number and attach this page with the current assessment task before submission or alternatively use the back of each paper with a clear reference to the relevant question(s).
Ensure you check your work before submitting it. Please note, once the assessor has marked your work they will provide you with feedback. You will be required to complete other relevant assessment tasks for this unit as instructed by your teacher or trainer.

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Question 2: List 3 examples of policies that may cover aspects of businesses operations affected by diversity
1.Training and development opportunities
2.Anti-bullying, ant-harassment, and grievance procedures
3.Recruitment and induction practices
Question 3: When should staff be made aware of the diversity policy?
Before a person starts working in the company, is advised that the future employee knows the policy of the company, as they can decide whether the company is suitable to his believes, as the employee starts working for the company is very important that the company make sure that employee understands all the diversity policy and others. with proper inductions and training.
Question 4: Name 2 ways of prompting the diversity policy
1.Offer Implicit Bias Training – for Everyone No matter how open and bias-free we think we are, judgments are often engrained because of socialization and life experiences. Implicit bias training helps create a safe place to raise awareness of unconscious attitudes and teaches tools to help change behaviors.
2.Provide Mentors – Connect underrepresented employees with internal and external mentors in their group to provide support and promote growth. Encourage participation in appropriate professional organizations.

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Question 5: What should you do if you discover areas of the anti-discrimination legislation which are not fully addressed by your diversity policy in your workplace?
The first step, when you find out an area that is not covered by the diversity policy, is to talk to the manager, he will be able to take the next step, talking to the right people where they can fit the new policy, with a bigger range, covering the new topic with the proper legislation
Question 6: What can happen if your own prejudices cause discrimination during the employment process and a candidate is dissatisfied?
If happened that your own prejudices cause discrimination, you should advise the candidate about their rights, and give them the directions to report what happened. The candidate can file a complaint against your company to the ant-discrimination board
Question 7: List 2 benefits of selecting a socially diverse workforce.
1.Improves employee engagement
2. Improves cultural insights
Question 8: List 3 types of training you may need to offer staff to help deal with cultural differences in your team.
1.Humana Right training2.Recruitment and selection training3.Workplace bullying, discrimination, or harassment training

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Question 9: List 3 examples of issues caused by cultural differences that can cause tensions between staff.
1.The language barrier, can cause a misunderstanding during diversity training, suggesting bad behaviors in the workplace.
2. body language can be an issue in different cultures. Some examples, handshake, eye contact, and so forth.
3.Religion can cause tensions when not respected, for example, clothes, prayers, etc.
Question 10: How can you manage staff tensions and assist staff in working effectively with each other?
Inductions and basic training are good techniques to avoid future tensions, but once the tension took place, managers can also leader their employees by giving examples of their own, explaining that cultural awareness, language barriers, etc, aren’t to be an issue. In case of the bigger issue has happened, a new training must be taken, this type of training can help people to understand differences and respect them.
Question 11: Who should ideally be in charge when investigating complaints relating to bullying, racial vilification, sexual harassment, or violence?
Managers should ideally be in charge of the investigation as they are closer to the employees and have a better understanding of the situation, considering that the managers are not the person involved. In this situation the investigation must be from a different person, Human Resources are good and trained for this situation.
Question 12: An employer can be held liable for any unlawful workplace behavior unless they can prove what?
All reasonable steps have been implemented to avert unlawful behavior, that’s why the record of all actions must be recorded. This way an employer can be protected.

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Question 13: What are some ways businesses can promote diversity?
Businesses can promote diversity internally as well in order to help build the corporate culture and to encourage acceptance of others among staff. Newsletters, bulletins, staff meetings, and other forums can be used to keep the issue at the forefront of people’s minds.
Question 14: Give an example of how you can use the skills from a culturally diverse workforce to improve products or services in your industry.
Staff who feel that they are in an inclusive environment and their cultural identities are valued are happier, more motivated, less likely to leave an organization, and can work freely to achieve their full potential, Furthermore, when the workforce is diverse you can have a better understanding on how to deal with different clients as the employees can teach you how their cultures like to be treated. In a restaurant, for example, a group of Latin Americas can be much louder than a group of Europeans, meaning that if you can understand this you are not likely to treat those groups as a problem.

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