BSBCUS401 Coordinate Implementation of Customer Service Strategies Assessment Answer

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Learning outcomes of the BSBCUS401 Summative Assessment 1:

After completing the BSBCUS401 strategies assessment answer students will be able to:

Students will be able to advise on the customer service needs:

  1. Using appropriate communication techniques students will be able to clarify and accurately assess customer needs.
  2. For improved service within organizational requirements, students will be able to diagnose problems matching service delivery to customers and develop options.
  3. To promote the improvement of customer service delivery provides relevant and constructive advice.
  4. To structure and present information on customer service needs students will be able to use business technology and/or online services.

Students will be able to support the implementation of customer service strategies:

  1. Students will be able to make sure that customer service opportunities and strategies are promoted to the designated groups and individuals.
  2. To fulfill customer service objectives students will be able to identify and allocate available budget resources.
  3. To resolve customer difficulties and complaints within organizational requirements students will be able to promptly action procedures.
  4. In consultation with designated individuals and groups, students will be able to ensure that decisions to implement strategies are taken.

Students will be able to evaluate and report on customer service:

  1. To maintain service standards to designated individuals and groups students will be able to identify and report changes necessary.
  2. From verifiable evidence and provide constructive advice on future directions of client service strategies students will be able to prepare conclusions and recommendations.
  3. To compare changes in customer satisfaction students will be able to maintain systems, records, and reporting procedures.
  4. Using verifiable data by organizational requirements students will be able to review client satisfaction with service delivery.

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The approach towards solving the BSBCUS401 Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies answer:

  • What are the principles of customer service?
  • For identifying customer needs and reviewing customer satisfaction what are the sources of information and techniques?
  • Related to customer service what are the organizational business structure, products, and services?
  • How to describe service and product standards and the best practice models?
  • In delivering services to customers you have to identify the priorities and needs of the organization.
  • You have to diagnose any kind of problem while delivering services to the customer.
  • On customer feedback and complaints you have to respond and make reports.
  • Using verifiable data you have to review client satisfaction.
  • With relevant personnel, you have to communicate and consult effectively.
  • To improve customer service delivery you have to develop and implement strategies and methods including budgeting, promotion to staff, and documentation and follow-up.

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