BSBCUE403 Assessment Answer – Schedule Customer Engagement Activity

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BSBCUE403 Assessment Answer – Schedule Customer Engagement Activity

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Learning outcomes of the BSBCUE403 Schedule Customer Engagement Assessment:

After successful completion of BSBCUE403 Assessment Answer 1, students will be able to:

Potential to analyze engagement traffic data:

  1. After completion of  coursework  BSBCUE403 students will be able to access the engagement traffic data.
  2. Over short and long intervals students will be able to identify engagement traffic patterns.
  3. Anomalies and non-recurring events can be identified in the engagement patterns by the students.

Increase in ability to review forecasting and planning:

  1. By doing BSBCUE403 assessments, Students will be able to incorporate the identified range of customer engagement phenomena.
  2. When forecasting and planning students will be able to incorporate issues arising from the impact of customer engagement phenomena.

Students will be able to plan labor requirements:

  1. Students will be able to determine the basic inputs to queuing the tools.
  2. Resources can be calculated by the students that are required using queuing tools.
  3. Results can be adjusted to account for quantitative and qualitative factors.
  4. Levels of the forecasted calls can be scheduled by the students and also the engagement traffic.
  5. While minimizing wage costs students will be able to maximize operational efficiency and customer service levels in schedules.
  6. Appropriate to schedule the most effective use of human resources students will be able to use the available skill base.
  7. Students will be able to communicate the schedules between the staff within designated timelines.

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Mentioned below is an approach to solve the BSBCUE403 Summative Assignment Task 3:

For an accurate solution you have to solve the following questions and tasks:

  • Do you have to describe what are the budgeting principles?
  • What is the engagement in traffic measurement systems?
  • You have to outline the operating environment objectives and objectives.
  • What are the organizational communication protocols and methods?
  • How to identify the queuing and forecasting tools?
  • For scheduling call and engagement traffic on how to describe the techniques that can be used?
  • To demonstrate the effective use of the key features of contact traffic measurement systems you have to prepare a customer engagement schedule.
  • For efficient scheduling and maintenance of reasonable salary costs, you have to analyze and use the staff skill base.

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