BSBCUE308 Conduct Outbound Customer Engagement Assessment Answer

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Learning outcomes of the BSBCUE308 Conduct Outbound Customer Engagement Answer

Upon successful completion of the BSBCUE308 Assignment task 1, students will be able to:

  • Prepare for outbound engagement: Engagement details can be identified by the students and also they can apply a clear understanding of the organizational policies and procedures that can be identified. Related to customer engagement students will be able to obtain and study product and service details. Students will be able to prepare and study engagement scripts or guides. Required to develop product or service expertise, or discuss requirements with team students will be able to locate sources of information. To effectively and efficiently manage engagement you can develop proficiency with equipment and systems. And clarify the details as per the requirement with the relevant manager.
  •  Conduct outbound engagement: According to the organizational protocol, you can greet the customers in a manner that encompasses cultural diversity. To conduct the engagement you will be able to use the engagement guide efficiently. According to the policy, you will be able to answer inquiries and negotiate with the customers. The inquiry that cannot be satisfied immediately can be escalated by the students. According to the policy, students will be able to conduct engagement closure. Before starting this specific unit of BSBCUE308 students should have knowledge about cultural diversity.
  •  Arrange the provision of product or service: Students will be able to respond according to the customer requirements and identify the relevant options. In consultation with the customer, students will be able to select the appropriate service or product. Students can agree to the orders or actions with the customer giving the consideration to maximize the delivery of service and value to the customer. You will be able to consider those customer retention options that can be applied to the engagement. You will be able to use the simple, clear, and easy to understand language and ensuring responses are comprehensive.
  •  Manage customer engagement: At the time of writing a specific part of BSBCUE308 students should be aware of the concept of customer engagement. According to the policy, students can record the details of the engagement. For continuous improvement students can Record and report difficulties not escalated that may present an opportunity. When working in an outsourced environment and dealing with multiple customer bases students will be able to adapt to the requirements and expectations of various customers. You will be able to escalate the inquiries of orders that are cannot get satisfied immediately. Students will be able to supply the follow-up information in a timely manner to the customer as required. Students will be able to observe appropriate codes, regulations, legislation, and standards throughout the transaction.

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Approach to solving the BSBCUE308 Summative Assessment Task 2:

There are various tasks and questions that a student has to answer in solving the BSBCUE308 Assignment 3 like: you have to describe the company, services and products, and the customer base. Identify the organizational communication channels and explain the organizational performance and customer service expectations. You have to explain the principles of customer service and the principles of sales and negotiation. Including the financial delegation policy, you have to identify the organizational policies, protocols, procedures, and guidelines.

Examples of few questions in task 2 of BSBCUE308 coursework

Question 1) what is the customer engagement strategy template?
Question 2) Explain the customer engagement strategy?
Question 3) what are the good examples of customer engagement?
Question 4) you have to comply with the organizational procedures and policy in preparation, and conduct, and closure of the outbound customers.

Question 5) for a wide customer base and different customer expectations you have to use and adapt to communication skills.
Question 6) to record and manage the engagement data you have to use the technology efficiently. In your BSBCUE308 assessment answers, you need to provide information about how you will use a specific technology.
In your solution, you have to include access to the following things: information technology and equipment, workplace data and information, performance management records, guidelines of data and quality assurance, and call or engagement guides.
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