BSBCUE306 Process Complex Accounts Assessment Answer

TAFE Assessment Cover SheetHaving excellent skills in accounting can prove to be very useful for a student in their professional career as there is a huge requirement for personnel with excellent accounting skills in the industry. That is why pupils intend to learn a financial accounting course in Australia.

For a better understanding of the various concepts involved in this course, students get to write an assignment on the BSBCUE306 Process complex accounts course. The BSBCUE306 Process Complex Accounts Assessment Answer provides the students with an opportunity to study about receiving and reviewing a customer default inquiry or case, negotiating payment with defaulting customers, advising defaulting customers of cancellation, and managing default actions.

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Learning outcomes of the BSBCUE306 Process complex accounts assessment:

Upon successful completion of the BSBCUE306 accounts assignment students will be able to:

Receive and review a customer default inquiry or case:

  1. To identify details of the case students will be able to receive and review customer inquiries.
  2. The BSBCUE306  will assist in resolving the case. Students will be able to obtain additional information.
  3. To resolve the case with other staff members, students will be able to review the options where applicable.
  4. For the hardship program, students will be able to consider eligibility.
  5. Relevant legislation, codes, regulations, and standards students will be able to observe it.
  6. After completion of BSBCUE306  coursework students will be able to initially develop advice to be given to the customer.

 Negotiate payment with defaulting customers:

  1. On the suggested course of action and options, students will be able to consult with the customers.
  2. By completing the BSBCUE306  course Students will be able to access the response of the customer to consultation.
  3. Realistic settlement options can be developed by the students considering policy, customer response, and payment history.
  4. According to organizational policy, students will be able to offer and agree on a payment option with customers.
  5. As agreed with customers and according to organizational procedures students will be able to record revised payment options.

Advise defaulting customers of cancellation:

  1. Defaulting customers can be advised by the students about the service or product cancellation.
  2. Where appropriate students can negotiate successful product returns with customers.
  3. Students will be able to explain the debt recovery process to the customer and initiate the debt recovery process.

Manage default actions:

  1. To ensure completion of the case students will be able to follow up payment, debt recovery, or product returns.
  2. According to organizational procedures, students will be able to amend customer records.
  3. Students will be able to follow organizational credit management and default procedures.

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BSBCUE306 Summative Assessment 1

Mentioned below are some of the questions and tasks that a student has to solve in BSBCUE306 Summative Assessment 1:

  1. To facilitate the effective resolution of customer service issues and general customer service protocols what are the conflict resolution and negotiation techniques?
  2. What are the escalation processes? Explain.
  3. Related to accounting processing requirements what are the legislative, regulatory, and industry code requirements?
  4. What are the organizational billing and credit procedures?
  5. How to identify organizational authorization limits and financial delegations?
  6. You have to identify the services and product charges.
  7. What are the risk management and assessment principles?
  8. For meeting the customer default inquiries you have to develop various options.
  9. If required you have to determine the need for appropriate escalation in your BSBCUE306  assessment answers.
  10. To negotiate practical solutions and agree to payment arrangements you have to consult with the customer.
  11. In compliance with the relevant legislation, regulatory standards, and organizational policy you have to implement an appropriate and timely debt-recovery process.

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