BSBCUE305 Assessment Answer – Process Credit Applications

Now it has become a trend to purchase various products and services with credits and there is a whole procedure that the professionals have to follow to check the eligibility of the customer and many other things. Being an emerging education area with booming career students does not want to miss the chance of getting into this field of management. Consequently, they have to write an assignment for the BSBCUE305 Process Credit Applications Assessment answer as well. Solving BEBSUE305 Assessment answer teaches the students about reviewing, evaluating, and processing the credit applications, negotiating the credit application details, and completing administrative arrangements.

BSBCUE305 Assessment Answer – Process Credit Applications

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Learning outcomes of BSBCUE305 Process Credit Applications Assessment:

After completing the BSBCUE305 Summative assignment 2 students will be able to:

Students will be able to review and evaluate credit application:

  • To determine customer details and the amount of credit required you will be able to review the application. For payment history and credit standing students will be able to check existing customer records. According to credit management procedures, you can obtain the customer credit rating. And to repay the credit advances you can establish the customer’s credit rating and ability. After completing the BSBCUE305  assignment students will be able to manage credits.

Students will be able to process credit application:

  • According to organizational policy and relevant legislation, codes, regulations, and standards you will be able to approve or decline an application. If there is a rejection in the application you will be in a position to explain the decision to the customer and if necessary discuss the alternatives arrangements. You will be able to advise the customer of the appeal rights where the provision of appeal exist and apply.

Students will be able to negotiate credit application details:

  • Where credit approval is granted you can negotiate and agree on payment arrangements with customers and according to the organizational policy, you can escalate difficulties experienced in customer negotiations accordingly.

Students will be able to complete administrative arrangements:

  • You can complete the appropriate documentation and forward it to the customer. According to organizational policy and legislative requirements, you will be able to organize credit arrangements and record details. You will be able to notify the customers about the payment arrangements that are in accordance with the organizational procedures. You will be able to follow up and monitor customer commitments regularly.

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Approach to solving the Assignment on BSBCUE305 Activity task 2:

for successful completion, you need to outline the debt recovery and credit principles and techniques. You have to identify the limits applied and financial delegations within the organization and specific to the role. For credit approval processes you will need to identify the legislative, regulatory, and industry code. To determine the customer capacity to pay you to have to apply the organizational credit procedures.
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