BSBCUE302 Deploy Customer Service Field Staff Assessment Answer

TAFE Assessment Cover Sheet - nswAn organization needs to offer the best possible customer service as it’s one of the best ways to grow.  At present, there are many ways to provide services to the customer one of them is by deploying customer service to the field staff. While studying a business management course help Australia, students have to write an assignment on the topic of BSBCUE302 Deploy Customer Service Field Staff Assessment Answer.

After completing the BSBCUE302 Assessment Answer students learn about creating a despatch job for automatic dispatch, manually dispatch and clear jobs, how to redeploy field staff, and creating and sending a communication to field staff.

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Learning outcomes of the BSBCUE302 Deploy Customer Service Field Staff Assessment Answer

Upon successful completion of the BSBCUE302 Assignment Answer students will be able to:

 Create a despatch job for automatic despatch

  • To create a job despatch order students will be able to identify the need.
  • In consultation with appropriate areas, business protocols, regulatory and legislative requirements students will be able to determine the impact of this on resources, and its urgency.
  • To create and automatically dispatch jobs students will be able to enter the necessary details into an appropriate work management system.
  • Students will be able to confirm automatic despatch where necessary.

Manually despatch and clear jobs 

  • To manually despatch a job students will be able to identify the needs.
  • To field, the staff students will be able to communicate job details.
  • Students will be able to enter the job details clearly to the field staff members.

Redeploy field staff:

  • To redeploy resources according to agreed priority students will be able to identify the needs.
  • Students will be able to liaise with the appropriate stakeholders and team members.
  • Students will be able to deliver the jobs to field staff promptly.
  • Relating to resources and their deployment students will be able to maintain accurate records.

Communicate with field staff:

after completing the BSBCUE302 assessment answers students will be able to communicate with field staff effectively.

  • For communication with the relevant customers, students will be able to identify the needs by completing the v assignment.
  • According to business protocols, students will be able to create clear and concise communication.
  • For clarity and accuracy, students will be able to check the relevant information.
  • Students will be able to obtain the necessary approvals before sending the communication.
  • Students will be able to coordinate and monitor the responses to communicate.

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Approach to solving the BSBCUE302 Summative Assessment Task 1:

For an accurate solution to the BSBCUE302 assignment, you would need to communicate with field staff, management, and customers.  At the time of communicating with the staff, you need to ensure compliance with the organizational protocols.

Students also need to consider the priorities of service delivery. You have to produce manual and automatic dispatch jobs using the systems to enter, control, and maintain the job details. And to redeploy field staff, coordinate required communications, and monitor responses you have to identify the needs.
After completing these tasks there are some questions that you have to answer like:
1) relevant to the deployment of customer service field staff what are the legislative and regulatory requirements?
2) How to describe the operational environment including the company products, service, and customer base?
3) How to describe work deployment systems (WDS)?
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