BSBCMM301 Process Customer Complaints Assessment Answer

TAFE Assessment Cover SheetWhile working for any kind of organization, you will come across a scenario of handling and processing customer complaints. If you do not have the proper knowledge then you might risk the growth of your organization. To gain the knowledge and skills in this area you will have to do research and solve the BSBCMM301 Process Customer Complaints Assessment Answer.

The BSBCMM301 delivers and monitors services to customers Assessment teaches the students about how to respond to complaints. By completing the assessment answers you will gain knowledge about referring customers’ complaints to external bodies. Students will learn about techniques to exercise judgment.

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Learning outcomes of BSBCMM301 Process Customer Complaints Assessment Answer

After completing the BSBCMM301 Assessment Answer students will be able to:

Respond to complaints:

  1. According to organizational procedures established under organizational policies, legislation, or codes of practice students will be able to process customer complaints using effective communication.
  2. Relating to customer complaints students will be able to obtain, document, and review reports after completion of the BSBCMM301  assessment.
  3. Taking into account applicable legislation, organizational policies and codes students will be able to make decisions about customer complaints.
  4. Students will be able to negotiate a resolution of the complaints.
  5.  They will be able to maintain a register of disputes and complaints.
  6. Students will be able to inform the customers about the outcomes of the investigation.

Refer to complaints:

  1. For complaints that require referral to other personnel or external bodies, students will be able to identify those complaints.
  2. By individual level of responsibility, students will be able to make referrals to appropriate personnel.
  3. Students will be able to forward all investigation reports and documents.
  4. To gain prompt decisions students will be able to follow up with appropriate personnel.

Exercise judgment to resolve customer service problems:

  1. Implications of issues for customers and organizations can be identified by a student.
  2. For resolution with the customer, students will be able to analyze, explain, and negotiate appropriate options.
  3. By appropriate legislative requirements and enterprise policies, students will be able to propose viable options.
  4. Students will be able to make sure that the matters that cannot be negotiated are referred to appropriate personnel.

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Listed below are the tasks and questions that a student has to solve in BSBCMM301 Summative Assessment 1:

  1. When handling customer complaints which communication skills are required?
  2. For processing complaints what are the organizational procedures and standards?
  3. What are the external bodies to which complaints could be referred? List all.
  4. What are the key provisions of relevant legislation from all forms of government that might affect the aspects of business operations?
  5. According to organizational and legislative requirements you have to process and document customer complaints.
  6. To discuss the options and resolve complaints what are the effective communication techniques?
  7. When referring and following up on complaints you have to follow correct procedures.
  8. To what external bodies might customer complaints be referred? List 2 examples

In the following situations, you have to refer a complaint to an external body.

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