BSBCMM101 Assessment Answer – Apply Basic Communication Skills

As an effective employee of an organization, you should know the workplace communication procedures. You should listen and speak to gather valuable information. These techniques surely help you to grow in the organization. Simultaneously it will help the organization to grow as well. If you are pursuing a business service training package course in Australia, then you will be getting the best of the knowledge to apply basic communication skills. Besides, to gain more effectual skills you will need to complete BSBCMM101 apply basic communication skills assessment answer.

BSBCMM101 Assessment Answer – Apply Basic Communication Skills

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The BSBCMM101 Assessment teaches the students how to identify workplace communication procedures. by completing the course students will be able to learn how to communicate in the workplace and how to draft the written information. For many students completing this assignment is very difficult as they have to write multiple pending assignments and homework.
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Learning outcomes of BSBCMM101 Apply Basic Communication Skills Assessment Answer:

After  completing the BSBCMM101 assessment answer 1, students will be able to:

Students will be able to identify workplace communication procedures:

  1. With the assistance of the BSBCMM101  course, students will be able to identify organizational communication requirements and workplace procedures.
  2. Students will be able to identify the appropriate lines of communication with colleagues and supervisors.
  3. On the communication equipment/ method most appropriate for the task students will be able to seek advice if required.

Students will be able to communicate in the workplace:

  1. After completion of the BSBCMM101  assessment students will be able to use effective questioning, and active listening and speaking skills.
  2. Students will be able to use appropriate nonverbal behavior at all times.
  3.  They will be able to encourage, acknowledge, and act upon constructive feedback.

Students will be able to draft written communication

  1. After completion of BSBCMM101, students will be able to identify relevant procedures and formats.
  2. Students will be able to make sure that the written information meets the required standard of style, detail, and format.
  3. To aid communication skills development students will be able to seek assistance or feedback.

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Mentioned below are some examples of the BSBCMM101  assessment questions 

Students can apply basic communication assessment tools for answering questions.

  • Related to the organization’s standards or protocols for workplace communication what are the organizational policies, plans, and procedures that are involved?
  • What are the different communication styles? You need to describe them in your BSBCMM101  assessment answers.
  • With the assistance of others, you have to gather information about procedures, equipment, and methods requirements for workplace communication.
  • To seek and convey information in a face to face situations you have to use appropriate verbal and nonverbal skills.
  • How body language plays an important role in communication?
  • Within designated timeframes, you have to draft routine written documents and you also have to check that the documents meet the organizational requirements.
  • What are verbal and nonverbal communications? Explain briefly.
  • How to ensure that the written information is meeting the required standard of style, format, and detail?
  • Techniques to identify the appropriate lines of communication with supervisors and colleagues?
  • How to use nonverbal communication?

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You can use the above learning outcome as the BSBCMM101  observation checklist for ensuring the accuracy of your answers.

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