BSBAUD503 Lead a Quality Audit Assessment Answers

Swinburne University Assignment Cover SheetFor a systematic examination of the quality of the system, the quality auditor should be professional. Thus, students from various places come to Australia, Swinburne University to pursue a lead quality audit course. Performing a quality audit for an organization is a very demanding skill in the present time.

This quality auditing course online aims to conduct entry and exit meetings, identify and gather relevant information, managing audit team resources. Another intention is to provide feedback to audit team members on their performance. Hence, the students of Swinburne University have to write BSBAUD503 Lead a Quality Audit Assessment Answer.

It will allow them to gain knowledge by playing roles and facing challenges. To accurately write the BSBAUD503 Assessment, students must have in-depth knowledge about the subject.

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Learning outcomes of BSBAUD503 Lead a Quality Audit Assessment Answer:

Upon successful completion of Lead a Quality Audit Assessment students will be able to:

Conduct the entry meeting:

    1. At a mutually agreed time, students will be able to organize an entry meeting in advance.
    2. After completion of the BSBAUD503 assessment unit, students will be able to prepare the agenda for meetings.
    3. At the entry meeting, students will be able to confirm objectives, scope, schedules. They will be able to make logistical arrangements.
    4. Students will be able to make changes to the plan, arrangements, and schedules if required.

Gather the information:

    1. A range of potential sources of information can be identified by a student.
    2. Students will be able to interview appropriate persons.
    3. They will gain the potential to gather sample documentation and relevant information after writing the BSBAUD503 assignment.

Manage the audit team resources after completion of the BSBAUD503 assessment

    1.  You will be able to supervise the activities of the audit team members.
    2. In line with the audit scope, students will be able to assess and review audit team findings.
    3. Students will be able to reassign team members as per the requirements.
    4. Students will be able to instigate contingency actions as per the requirements.
    5. On corrective actions reports students will be able to seek and reach an agreement.

Conduct an exit meeting:

    1. Students will be able to make preparations for exit meetings.
    2. They will be able to examine the findings and result against the audit objectives and present them to the auditee.
    3. You will be able to ensure that reporting arrangements are agreed upon.
    4. Students will be able to explain the consequences and context of the audit and discuss it during the follow-up.

Guide team members in continuously improving their performance:

    1. To the audit team members, students will be able to provide feedback on performance.
    2. Students will be able to support and encourage the audit team members to critique their work.
    3. For individual improvement, students will be able to provide document advice.

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Mentioned below are some of the questions and tasks that are asked in BSBAUD503 Lead a Quality Audit assignment Task 1 and an approach to solving them:

  • Explain the quality of auditing principles, methods, and techniques.
  • What are the requirements of auditing regulations and standards?
  • What are the current auditing practices that are used?
  • Relevant to conducting quality auditing services identify the software applications that are used.
  • Before the commencement of the audit, you have to identify all objectives, schedules, and relevant information.
  • You have to demonstrate the management and leadership of a quality auditing team.
  • You have to manage the information gathering process by team members, and synthesis, analysis, and reporting of the findings.
  • What are the steps to interview an appropriate person?

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The successful completion of the BSBAUD503 Summative Assessment task requires a keen knowledge of the subject students have to show the evidence and access to the workplace documentation including the previous quality audit reports and risk management and audit plans.

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