BSBAUD501 Initiate a Quality Audit Assessment Answer

TAFE Assessment Cover Sheet - nswIf you are a student pursuing a Diploma in Quality Auditing in Australia then you will come across some tasks like writing BSBAUD501 Initiate a Quality Audit Assessment Answer. It is one of the most important assessments in the course. As it teaches the students about assessing the quality audit scope and objectives.

By pursuing BSBAUD501 students will learn about techniques that people use for communicating with auditees regarding the proposed quality audit. Students will be able to identify the resources required for conducting a quality audit. They will gain knowledge about developing a quality audit plan, prepare an audit team, review auditee documentation.

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Learning outcomes of BSBAUD501 Initiate a Quality Audit Assessment Answer -:

After successful completion of BSBAUD501 Assessment Answer 1, students will be able to:

Assess the quality auditing scope and objectives after completion of BSBAUD501 assessment:

  1. With the auditee, the client and all other relevant parties’ students will be able to determine and discuss the audit objectives and also discuss the scope of the quality audit.
  2. Students will be able to effectively participate in a quality audit. They will be able to identify the relevant standards which may impact the environment in which the audit operates.
  3. With the identified risks students will be able to determine the scope commensurate.

Communicate with the auditee regarding the proposed quality audit:

  1. Through consultation with the auditee and after completion of the BSBAUD501  quality auditor course, students will be able to determine audit history, organizational structure.
  2. Students will be able to ensure and negotiate an agreement with the auditee. They will be able to address the proposed audit methods and techniques.
  3. To establish a sequence of audit activities and the roles of the auditors and auditee’s in the process students will be able to outline the audit process.

Identify the resources required to conduct a quality audit.

  1.  Students will be able to identify the resources that are required to perform the quality audit efficiently and effectively
  2. Based on relevant expertise gained through the BSBAUD501 training course students will be able to select audit team members.
  3.  Students need to confirm the availability of resources that are required to conduct the audit.
  4.  They will be able to assign responsibilities and roles to the audit team members.

Develop and submit a quality audit plan:

  1. According to the established scope and objectives, students will be able to develop a quality audit plan.
  2. For the implementation of the audit plan, students will be able to assign timing, schedules, and responsibilities.
  3. With auditees and audit team members students will be able to Develop audit priorities and ensure agreement.
  4. They will be able to document and submit an audit plan to the auditee.

Prepare the audit team:

  1. Inform the audit team members of their responsibilities scope and audit objectives.
  2. They will be able to communicate the audit schedule and plan to all audit team members.
  3. With the audit team members, students will be able to discuss and clarify audit techniques and methods.

Review auditee documentation:

  1. To establish a possible impact on the conduct of the current audit students will be able to review the auditee’s previous audits.
  2. For accuracy, students will be able to review and check relevant organization documents.

Identify and prepare checklists and audit-related documentation:

  1. To reflect audit scope and objectives students will be able to develop checklists.
  2. For entry meetings, students will be able to prepare the agenda.

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The BSBAUD501 Assignment experts of Australia Assignment Help have listed some of the tasks and questions below that a student has to solve:

  • What are the relevant auditing codes of practice or ethics?
  • You have to describe auditing techniques and methods.
  • What are the requirements of auditing regulations and standards?
  • You have to identify the current audit practices.
  • You have to outline the quality auditing techniques, principles, and systems in your BSBAUD501 assessment answers.
  • Relevant to the quality auditing activities what are the software applications used?
  • For written communications, you have to describe the requirements of the house or other style manual protocols.
  • Across a variety of contexts, you have to produce documented audit plans for the auditee including:
    1. The objective and scope of the audit.
    2. Proposed audit techniques and methods to be used.
    3. Required schedules and resources.

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