BSBAUD402 Participate in a Quality Audit Assessment Answer

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Learning outcomes of the Participate in a Quality Audit Assessment:

Upon the successful completion of BSBAUD402 Task 1, students will be able to:

Review auditee documentation:

  1. To establish a possible impact on the conduct of the current audit students will be able to review the auditee’s previous quality audits.
  2. Students will be able to request relevant organizational documents from the auditee. Students also can review and check the adequacy of these documents.
  3. They will be able to amend the reviewed documents, and also determine and source any further documentation if required.
  4. If there are any problems that arise with the auditee and relevant parties students will be able to resolve them.

Participate in developing audit schedules:

  1. Appropriate checklists/tools and audit-related documentation students will be able to access or prepare them.
  2. Before beginning auditing activities a student will be able to confirm schedules and required resources with the auditee.
  3. Students will be able to anticipate possible problems and also outline the strategies to address these issues if they arise.
  4. Correspond to the audit plan students will be able to ensure preparation activities and documentations.
  5. Students will be able to assist the lead auditor in creating entry and exit meeting agendas.

Gather and analyze information:

  1.  You can have easy access to a range of potential sources of information.
  2. Students can also collect an initial assessment of sample documentation.
  3. About relevant documentation students will be able to interview appropriate persons.
  4. Patterns, trends, interrelationships, and areas of risk can be identified and reported by the students after completion of the BSBAUD402  course.
  5. Aspects of the audit that require the use of specialists can be identified by the students and they can request appropriate assistance.

Evaluate information:

  1. Against the prescribed benchmarks students will be able to evaluate information.
  2. Students will be able to form a defensible opinion for the meetings of these benchmarks by the auditee.
  3. Students will be able to ensure whether the opinions are formed from and supported by the available information.

Students will be able to report findings after completion of BSBAUD402  assessment:

  1. For improvements, students will be able to report recommendations as applicable.
  2. Against the audit objectives, students will be able to examine result/findings and present to the lead auditor after completion of the BSBAUD402  assignment.
  3. Findings and prepare a corrective action report can be formulated by the students if discrepancies or non-compliance are detected.

Participate in an exit meeting:

  1. Students will be able to prepare for an exit meeting.
  2. After completing  BSBAUD402  students will be able to ensure that during the meeting the reporting arrangements are agreed upon and documented.

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 Below are some examples of tasks and questions in BSBAUD402 Summative Assessment 2 that students have to solve:

  • What are the relevant auditing codes of practice or ethics?
  • List the auditing methods and techniques.
  • Write a summary of current audit practices.
  • To assist in the auditing process what are the current products or services?
  • You have to review and amend all relevant documentation.
  • How to develop an audit schedule using the relevant tools and strategies?
  • To complete an audit you have to use various methods to gather the data and information and seek specialist advice where necessary.
  • To evaluate findings and formulate well-founded opinions you have to use predetermined benchmarks.
  • For the exit meeting how to develop a comprehensive report which analyses both context and consequences of the completed audit?

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