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BSBADM502 Manage Meetings Assessment Answer

Unit Name	Manage Meetings
Unit Code	BSBADM502

Assessment Answer Booklet -Task 2

You only need to submit the answers to the assessment tasks to your trainer. Please do not submit the questions and any instructions in red.

Task 2: Formal meeting project

Meeting Agenda

Read your Assessment PDF document task 2 on page 10 to understand the requirements of this task and to understand the company Grown Management Consultants.

Review the Grow Management Consultants Meeting Policy and Procedures and the Draft Conference Program (these documents can be found in the ‘Stream’ section of Google Classroom under ‘Appendices’.

Complete the meeting agenda template below and you must have the following:

  • Clearly show the date, time, and location for the meeting.
  • Include the duration of the meeting (30 minutes).
  • Clearly identify the names of staff who will attend the meeting as per the meeting policy and procedure.
  • Include items for discussion as per the scenario information and meeting policy and procedure.

The Administration and Project Officer will be roleplayed by the assessor, who will take notes at the meeting.

The other staff will be roleplayed by other students. Each student roleplaying a staff member will be briefed by the assessor to research and make notes on a topic for the conference for discussion.

Before attending the meeting, consider to whom you should allocate each of the required roles and responsibilities for the conference (There is no right or wrong answer for this. You only need to advise each staff member of their roles and responsibilities).

Meeting Date:
Meeting Time/duration:
Meeting Location:
Please bring &/or read: Agenda
Agenda Items Time Allocated
1 Welcome and apologies 2 minutes

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Summary notes for the meeting including two (2) topics

Prior to the meeting, you are required to identify potential topics for the leadership conference by reviewing and analyzing information from the report Global Human Capital Trends 2019 at:

Based on your interpretation of the information in the report, identify at least two ideas for leadership topics. Make notes on the two proposed conference topics and that includes:

  • Proposed conference topic title
  • Summary of the content to be discussed

Some examples of topics and information are provided in your Assessment PDF document on pages 12 – 13 so please review this information to get ideas on your topic but you CANNOT copy this example as it is not based on the Global Human Capital Trends 2019.

Identify two topics based on the information in the report from the website, and then summarise the information in your notes here for discussion at the meeting.

An email with Draft Conference Program and Meeting Agenda

Please login to your Gmail account from your Google Classroom (if you are not sure how to do this please ask your trainer to show you).

Once you have created your email please take a screenshot and add your screenshot to this section of your assessment answer booklet. Keep the written text of the email here as well as the screenshot.


You must open 2 blank word documents and name them as per below and save the documents to your desktop.

  • Draft Conference Program
  • Meeting Agenda

Now you must attach these documents to the email you have created and take a screenshot of your email and put the screenshot in this assessment answer booklet.

To: All Staff

Subject: Meeting Agenda

Dear Staff,

This email should introduce and summarise the contents of the attachments.

Include the date of the meeting (talk to your trainer regarding the meeting date).

Include a sentence to say that you have attached the meeting agenda and draft conference program.

Write a sentence to say if they have any questions to contact you and you are looking forward to meeting them in the upcoming meeting.


Add your name

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Meeting to discuss conference requirements

In this part of the assessment, you are required to conduct the meeting in the role of the Chair.

Review the Meeting Policy and Procedures to make sure that you understand and can apply the Chair’s role and responsibilities.

Prior to the commencement of the meeting, ask the Administration and Project Officer (your assessor) to take notes of the meeting so that you can prepare the minutes following the meeting.

Review all other requirements for the meeting on the Assessment PDF document on pages 13 – 15 before you conduct the meeting.

Open your ‘Observation Checklist’ for task 2 and complete the details as per below:

  • Participants:

o Your Name (Operations Manager)

o Trainer Name (Administration/Project Officer)

o Student one (Staff member)

o Student two (Staff member)

  • Date – include the date you have conducted the meeting (same as you have indicated in the email)

Meeting Minutes

Grow Management Consultants

Review the notes of the meeting provided by the minute taker (your assessor) and then prepare detailed meeting minutes based on the notes provided.

You are required to check that the minute taker has taken a true and accurate record of the meeting, as well as proofreading for any spelling and grammar mistakes.

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Item Description
1 Meeting purpose
2 Item discussed


3 Item discussed


4 Meeting close:
5 Next meeting:
Minute taker:

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Revised Conference Program

Grow Management Consultants

Write the conference program according to the ideas finalized at the meeting. This will show that you have correctly reported on the outcomes of the meeting.

Use the draft Conference Program below and include all the ideas finalized at the meeting. Highlight the changes you have made, to make it easier for your trainer to identify.

Leadership Conference 2020: Leading in the twenty-first century

4 October 2020

9.30 am to 5.00 pm

9.00 am – 9.30 am: Conference welcome

General Welcome – CEO, Grow Management Consultants

Welcome to Country – Traditional Custodian


Keynote Speaker: CEO of Grow Management Consultants

10.30 – 11 am: Morning Tea and networking opportunity


Presenter: TBC

12.30pm to 1.30pm: Lunch


Presenter: TBC

3.00 pm – 3.30 pm: Afternoon Tea and Networking opportunity


Presenter: TBC

Screenshot of folders and files

You should create a folder and save all documents associated with the meeting in this folder. This will demonstrate that you can save meeting documents according to requirements.

You are required to demonstrate that you can file all of your records in a logical structure.

Ensure that you have an overall folder for your work, as well as subfolders if necessary.

All of the documents you have submitted for this assessment task should be correctly named and filed.

The screenshot should show all the folders and documents.

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