BSBADM405 Organise Meetings Assessment Answer

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Learning outcomes of BSBADM405 Organise Meetings Assessment:

Upon successful completion of the BSBADM405 Assessment 1, students will be able to:

Make the Meetings Arrangements:

  • After completion of BSBADM405 assessment 2 answers,  students will be able to identify the type of meeting that is organized and the purpose of the meeting.
  • Any legal or ethical requirements can be identified and complied with by the students.
  • The requirements of the meeting and its participants can be identified by the students.
  • According to the meeting and participants’ requirements, students will be able to make the meeting arrangements.
  • Students will be able to advise the participants about the meeting details.

Prepare and distribute the documentation for meetings:

  • According to the meeting requirements, students will be able to prepare the notice of the meetings, agenda, and meeting papers.
  • For accuracy and correction of any errors, students will be able to check the documentation.
  • Within designated timelines, students will be able to distribute the documentation.
  • By completing BSBADM405 students will able to prepare the spare sets of documents.

Record and produce minutes of the meeting:

  • To ensure an accurate record of the meeting students will be able to take notes with the required speed and accuracy.
  • After completion of the BSBADM405  course, students will be able to reflect a true and accurate account of the meeting. Students will be able to produce the minutes.
  • Students will be able to check the minutes for accuracy and submit those minutes for approval by the nominated person.
  • Within designated timelines, students will be able to dispatch copies of minutes.

There are many questions which a student has to answer while writing the Organise Meetings Assessment, some of them are 

Question 1

You have to culturally describe appropriate communication techniques.

Question 2

You have to identify all of the relevant formats for minutes and agendas.

Question 3

You have to list all the key provisions of the relevant legislation.

Question 4

Relevant to the task you have to outline the organizational procedures.

Question 5

What documentation is required when organizing and managing a formal meeting?

Note: before answering these questions students have to show the performance evidence and complete the following tasks:

  1. Students have to organize a meeting and advise the participants accordingly.
  2. For the meeting, students have to prepare and distribute all documentation that is required.
  3. Providing an accurate account of the meeting students have to produce minutes based on their own notes.
  4. Within predetermined timeframes, students have to circulate copies of the meeting minutes.

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