BSBADM303 Produce Texts from Audio Transcription Assessment Answer

VET-Assessment-Cover-SheetIn Business Service Training Package courses students learn about preparing for audio transcription. They will gain knowledge about how to transcribe from an audio source. Students will develop an understanding of how to edit and revise the transcribed text accurately.

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Learning outcomes of BSBADM303 Produce Texts from Audio Transcription Assessment:

Upon successful completion of the Produce Texts from Audio Transcription Assessment a student should be able to do the following tasks:

Prepare for the audio transcription:

  • Before commencing the task students will be able to do the identification of organizational requirements relating to the style, presentation, and storage of the texts.
  • Students need to do clarification of the purpose and requirements of the text, with the author and supervisor.

Transcribe texts from an audio source.

  • A student should be able to produce text using the keyboarding techniques with the required accuracy from an audio transcription.
  • Students need to do predictions of the meaning of any unclear speech from the context or clarify with the authors.
  • From the audio transcription, students can ensure text developed and they can convey its intended meaning.
  • To ensure accuracy and clarity of the text the students should be able to clarify the spelling of names or any technical terms and punctuation.
  • They can do a self-check of the draft text for accuracy.

Edit and revise the text:

  • Students should be able to circulate the draft for checking in line with the requirements of the organization of the audio transcription.
  • For the intended purpose and audience a student should be able to incorporate any amendments and self-check final text for accuracy, grammar, and appropriateness.
  • According to the organizational and task requirements, a student will be able to format, name, store, print and distribute the final text.

Mentioned below are some of the requirements which a student has to fulfill to complete the BSBADM303 Audio Transcription Assessment:
In the Performance Evidence, students have to provide evidence of the ability to complete the accurate transcription of the data.

According to the predetermined timelines the students have to produce accurate texts from the audio sources that meet the workplace requirements.

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In the Knowledge Evidence students have to answer various questions, some of them are:

  • Students have to describe the various styles and formats of workplace documents.
  • They have to identify the relevant organizational procedures and policy requirements.
  • Students have to outline the various types of audio transcriptions.

There are some conditions where students need to demonstrate the consistent performance experienced in the administration of fieldwork. Students need to include the following things in their BSBADM303 Assessment answers:

  • Students have to provide workplace reference materials like style guides
  • They have to provide the audio source equipment which they have used such as handheld devices, tape recorders, and audiotapes.
  • Students also have to provide computer equipment including word processing software.
  • And a dictionary.

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