BSBADM302 Produce Texts from Notes Assessment Answer

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The learning outcome of the Assessment on BSBADM302 Produce Texts from Notes:

Upon successful completion of the BSBADM302 Produce Texts Assignment students will be able to:

Knowledge gained  through BSBADM302  course:

Students will gain the basic idea of the factual, technical, and procedural knowledge of a defined area of work and learning through:

  • Students will know the processes for developing an individual learning plan.
  • They will gain knowledge of the features and components of an individual learning plan.
  • A student will be able to demonstrate the knowledge of basic project methodology.
  • Students will gain knowledge about the techniques that are used by the writers to convey meaning and achieve their purpose.
  • Students will gain knowledge about the structure and conventions of a range of familiar and unfamiliar texts.

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Mentioned below are the skills which a student will gain:

  • To identify the goals, assemble a portfolio, and evaluate the progress about the goals students will have the skills to develop a learning plan.
  •  Support the development of the plan a student will be able to discuss the aspects of own learning plan such as purpose and preferred learning styles.
  •  Complete project students will be able to gather and analyze the information from a variety of sources.
  • A student will be able to identify and address the problems and hurdles which affect the project goals.
  • To interpret and analyze a range of familiar and unfamiliar texts a student will be able to select and apply the reading strategies.

When writing the BSBADM302 Produce Texts from Notes Assessment Students have to include the following points in their assignment: Performance evidence, knowledge evidence, and assessment conditions

Performance Evidence:

Students have to demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Take accurate notes according to the task requirements (notes have to be taken from oral and printed sources).
  2. Students have to produce accurate texts from the notes and that must meet the workplace requirements and predetermined timelines.

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Knowledge Evidence:

To complete the BSBADM302 Texts from Notes Assessment safely and efficiently students must:

  1. Describe the methods and techniques they have used for taking notes from oral sources and written sources.
  2. For the production of documents, students must describe the organizational requirements.
  3. Students have to describe the requirements of an organizational style guide.

BSBADM302  Assessment Conditions:

Students must include access to:

  1. Office equipment and resources
  2. The audio sources are used by a student for note-taking.

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