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BSB123 Data Analysis QUT – Factors Affecting Exam Performance Assessment Answer

Queensland University Assignment Cover Sheet

BSB123 Data Analysis Qut is one of the important assignment which is given to the students of Australian universities. The assignment is completely research-based which shows the factors affecting the exam performance. The students doing this particular assignment need to have deeper knowledge and understanding of the primary and secondary data to write appropriate BSB123 QUT Data Analysis – Factors Affecting Exam Performance assessment answer.
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Background of BSB123 Data Analysis Factors Affecting Exam Performance in Data Analysis

The BSB123 data analysis assignment is offered at Queensland University of Technology of Australia which highly benefits the students. The part of the assignment deals with building a solid foundation for the development of statistical literacy and statistical thinking.

Both of these terms are necessary for the development of a business. Also, it is a crucial part of business studies.
Under this assignment, a student is selected as a research analyst whose job is to find data and report to the project officer. There are three tasks in total under the BSB123 assignment which the students have to complete.

The three tasks are mentioned below:

  • Task 1 (T-Test)
  • BSB123 Task 2 (Regression)
  • Task 3 (Further Analysis)

Approach for Task 1 (T-Test)

The experts of the BSB123  assessment say that task 1 of the data analysis assessment needs to be answered by the students by creating a table that indicates the various components of descriptive statistics. Here is an example:

Mean 29.25737179
Standard Error 0.499580343
Median 27
Mode 25.5
Standard Deviation 12.47951298
Sample Variance 155.7382441
Kurtosis -0.547977466
Skewness 0.41893052
Range 54
Minimum 5
Maximum 59
Sum 18256.6
Count 624
Confidence Level(95.0%) 0.98106543


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The table will help gain an insight into the marks obtain by the students. The above chart shows the mean value in total at 29.25.
Also, the students need to show the null hypothesis, alternative hypothesis, mark the level of significance, calculate the test statistic, accept or reject the null hypothesis, and drawing of the conclusion.

The students also need to value the t-stat which later should be compared with the t-critical two-tail. Afterward, there should be a conclusion about how vital is the statistical difference between the exam performance of males and female students.

Approach to be followed for answering  BSB123  Task 2 (Regression)

The students need to answer task 2 of the BSB123 assessment course by following few steps which are gender, gender and degree, gender, degree type and country of citizenship, gender, degree type, country of citizenship, and lecture attendance.
Task 2 (regression) of BSB123 data analysis: factors affecting exam performance includes a diagram for every step which is given above. Even after this if the students face any issue or difficulty while solving the assessment assignment they can ask for help from the experts of Australia Assignment Help.
Task 3 (Further Analysis): Task 3 of the BSB123 assessment assignment includes the conclusion or the results of task 1 and task 2. The project says to conduct a complete distinct regression analysis for the students who are doing single and double degrees.

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Approach  to follow for Task 3 (Further Analysis)

The experts of Qut’s BSB123 Data Analysis have shown separate regression analysis for single and double degree doing students. The table which is shown below shows the level of the regression outcomes which is for both the single and the double degree students.
The table which is shown below is the highlight of the result of the single degree students. The model of regression looks like:

Regression Statistics
R square 0.257210409
Adjusted R square 0.066157194
Regression Statistics 0.060122669
Multiple R 12.09854724

The students who are doing a double degree in the BSB123 course can present a regression model in the following presented way:

Regression Statistics
Multiple R 0.256808
R Square 0.06595
Adjusted R Square 0.059596
Standard Error 12.09717
Observations 593

The students with the above-shown regression models have to conclude it in a better predictive capacity which is to be done based on gender, gender and degree, gender, degree type and country of citizenship, gender, degree type, country of citizenship, and lecture attendance.

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