BIOM20001 Molecular and Cellular Biomedicine Unimelb Assignment Answer

This Is the assignment sample of BIOM20001 Molecular and Cellular Biomedicine Unimelb

The course is designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of the molecular and cellular aspects of biological systems, with a specific emphasis on human biology.

The subject begins by introducing students to biomolecular concepts at the level of molecules and cells before moving onto sub-cellular topics such as organelles or membrane function in both plants and animals.

After these lessons, you will have learned about how the whole organism works. You will learn about reproduction and how different parts of the bodywork for different jobs like processing food or repairing DNA damage.

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Assignment Solution Of BIOM20001 Molecular and Cellular Biomedicine Unimelb

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Assignment Activity 1. The building blocks of life

The building blocks of life are actually diverse sets of molecules with different properties and interactions.

What they all have in common is that they’re organized into self-replicating structures, which evolve through molecules being added, excised, or mutated to form new species.

These structures comprise the cellular machinery which surrounds DNA and functions to convert energy from small organic molecules (such as sugars) into usable biochemical energy for metabolism and also assemble proteins during protein synthesis.

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Assignment Task 2. How the building blocks fit together in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells and biological systems

Prokaryotes and eukaryotes are distinct cell types that have many differences. Biological systems operate differently in prokaryotic cells versus eukaryotic cells, too.

Eukaryotes include all higher life forms (animals, plants, fungi) and contain features that identify them as such – like their membrane-bound organelles (mitochondria, chloroplasts). Prokaryotes don’t have this membrane-bound compartmentalization.

They may be either spherical/coccus or rod-shaped bacteria and they can vary in size from a few micrometers to 1 mm long! Bacteria of the genus Escherichia Coli are some of the most well-studied microbes on earth–their genome was the first to be fully sequenced in 1998.

The main biological advantages of eukaryotic cells are that they can be larger and more complex than prokaryotes, and they have membrane-bound structures.

Eukaryote cell membranes form a barrier around intracellular components (thus protecting them from external dangers) and also divide the internal compartments of the cell (organelles) into smaller functional units.

This compartmentalization allows for a more complex lifestyle and is essential to eukaryotes’ survival. Prokaryotes only have basic genetic information encoded in their DNA, so they don’t require any membrane-bound structures or organelles.

Assignment Activity 3. The molecular and cellular basis of infection, immunological response, and pathological changes

The molecular and cellular basis of infection, the immunological response, and the pathological changes are thought to be caused by these events.

Innate immunity is the first line of defense against infection. This includes barriers that are on the skin and the immune system. The immune system has antibodies that are specific to different things.

The process of acquiring immunity starts when an antigen interacts with lymphocytes called B cells.

This interaction induces some B cells to differentiate into plasma cells or memory cells; both produce antigen-specific antibodies.

If you have met a virus before, it leaves some molecules on the path. The virus then comes back again.

If this happens, your body makes two types of lymphocytes, cytotoxic T cells, and helper T cells. Memory B cells remember the virus so they can recognize it if it enters your body again later.

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Assignment Activity 4. The experimental means by which the building blocks, cells, and systems can be studied.

Different experimental means of studying the building blocks, cells, and systems that make up the body happen at different levels: cellular level, molecular level, anatomical level. However, there are limitations to all experiments.

It is hard to know which systems are connected at a specific time. There may be problems with replicating experiments.

This might happen because there are different machines that run the experiments. Different labs might use different machines, or even have different protocols for experiments that can’t be replicated in other labs.

These restrictions make it hard for scientists to study in the way that they want. It is okay, but it makes it harder to study things and understand them better.

One example of how these techniques were used in research is when scientists wanted to understand the mechanics of vision.

To do this they utilized an experimental method called light microscopy which involves studying materials on a very small scale using lenses that collect and magnify the image for viewing under a microscope.

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