BBM251 Cross-Cultural Management Assessment Answer

TAFE Assessment Cover SheetAs the arena of management is spread all over the developing world with lots of opportunities for upcoming graduates so aspiring pupils are inclined towards learning a management program. If you are already a management student then you might have the idea of an assignment called BBM251: Cross-Cultural Management Assessment.

InBBM251 assessment, students have to imagine they are a member of an Australian based company. You have been asked by your CEO to investigate and recommend a country in which that company might expand in the future.

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Learning outcomes of BBM251: Cross-Cultural Management

After successful completion of BBM251: Cross-Cultural Management students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of social and ethical problems in cross-cultural management and negotiation. Theoretical and analytical frameworks to cross-culture management can be applied by the student.
Within issue-based learning, structure to efficiently coordinate and communicate project and case study outcomes interaction with the team members could be done. Cross-cultural negotiation exercises can be effectively engaged.

Information reflective of negotiation and management formats and in context to cross-culture can be identified, analyzed, evaluated, and communicated.

Tasks in BBM251: Cross-Cultural Management Assessment 

In the scenario of this assessment, students have to imagine themselves as a  member of a team in an Australian based company named Max Brenner. Your CEO asks you to investigate and suggest a country in which Max Brenner might expand into the future.
CEO hopes that in the next decade, with the company’s product the demand in these low consumption rate countries will eventually grow. The CEO is aware of how countries have a different profile in regard to the following points: The Value system; Macros and Micros of each culture; Hofstede’s dimensions; East versus West sectors based culture; Cultural shock and what can be done by an international manager.
And in student’s recommendation, ensure that you include the following points: Importance of the marketing in your project; the importance of communication mode and its culture; Barriers to good intercultural communication; your plan so that the market will accept your product.
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