APT5005 Assessment Answer – Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault-Case Study

Silence does not mean consent. Almost half of the woman population is suffering from domestic violence and sexual assault. All the acts of sexual, psychological, physical, and economic violence come under domestic violence. And not only strangers or enemies but the family members or maybe an intimate partner can commit some kind of assault to a woman. Coursework  APT5005 revolves around two things these are domestic violence and sexual assault.

APT5005 Assessment Answer – Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault-Case Study

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The main objective of the unit

The main aim of APT5005: domestic violence and sexual assault course are to provide a socio-political framework. It is the framework which helps in identifying various issues of physical or psychological assaults.
The main problem observed is the community’s responsibility. It mainly includes defining the victim groups using their weaknesses and powerlessness.
However, the necessary improvements are done by initiating individual counseling and proceeding further to support community development. The main focus is to develop self-awareness regarding all the acts undertaken by domestic violence and sexual assault.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Question-1. What is domestic violence?
Ans: Domestic violence is basically an intentional act of abusive behavior which is basically due to the inequality in power and control between two persons. It is actions d which one person takes to control the other one whether it is physical, psychological, economic, or sexual. Domestic violence can actually have a bad influence on a person’s self-esteem and confidence which leads to an abusive relationship. you should start your assignment by providing a definition of domestic violence in your APT5005  assessment.
Question-2. Who can experience domestic violence?
Ans: There is no specific category of people suffering from such kind of behavior. Anyone can experience the abusive behavior which we call domestic violence. Regardless of age, gender, sexuality, and religion, domestic violence can occur across all groups of people. Students should include a list of all those people who may experience domestic violence in their APT5005  assessment.
Question-3. What causes domestic violence?
Ans: issues of inequality give rise to domestic violence. This actually happens because of the misuse of power by one person. As they say, the behavior is always a choice and those who do so clearly want to overpower the other one. you should also include information about the causes of domestic violence in your APT5005  assessment.

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