ANAT30007 Human Locomotor Systems Unimelb Assignment Answer

This is the assignment sample of ANAT30007 Human Locomotor Systems.

The subject will cover how humans walk. It will include a detailed investigation of human locomotor anatomy, including words related to topographical anatomy as it relates to both the back and neck regions.

The lesson will be about how your arms, legs, and back work together during walking. Arms move the hands. Legs help you walk by moving your ankles. Your back supports your whole body so that it does not fall over when you are walking around!

Finally, this section also examines artificial joints designed by a man in an attempt at understanding natural ones that have been perfected over millennia through evolution.

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Assignment Solution Of ANAT30007 Human Locomotor Systems.

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Assignment Activity 1 . Articulate the mechanical, clinical, radiological, evolutionary, and forensic applications of human locomotor anatomy

Human locomotor anatomy provides for a wide variety of applications in the fields of mechanical, clinical, radiological, evolutionary, and forensic sciences.

In these areas, there are also numerous applications in orthopedics. Although often only the human locomotor anatomy is studied for its contributions to biomechanics and clinical science-graduates from other disciplines often have to incorporate knowledge from their own discipline into studies that include it.

In older historical writings it is sometimes difficult to determine whether adaptations were due to adaptive evolution or juvenile growth.

Radiographic analysis has been instrumental in evaluating this distinction because it provides an accurate measure of age independent of size differences between individuals that may bias assessments based on visual observations alone.

The ability to generate whole-body CT and MRI images of infants and children at different stages of growth has also increased the potential applications for this tool.

Perhaps no other example in nature more clearly represents a human application of some form of locomotor anatomy than that observed in many species of birds.

Though not all birds are capable of flight, those that do have evolved a physical structure ideally suited to this mode of locomotion.

These birds offer a diverse range of wing types and sizes, which correspond to different modes of flight and by studying these physical functions it is possible to learn more about the mechanics associated with each type of wing.

Assignment Task 2. Demonstrate observational and organizational skills to interpret exposed anatomical structures and regions of the back, neck, and limbs

Interpretation of exposed nerves, skeletal and muscular structures, and regions of the back, neck, and limbs can be difficult.

Anatomy books are a way to study. They show detailed diagrams of different structures in your body. But, Shane Roeschers has published an online map that helps identify specific nerves.

A useful resource about understanding muscles & bones on the spine is located here

Thoughtful consideration should also be given to areas with chronic discomfort or pain as anatomic dysfunction may play a role in their onset or progression.

If an individual feels discomfort in one or more of their limbs, a worker’s compensation lawyer should be consulted. This usually happens when they do the same thing over and over again for a long time. When this occurs, certain factors must be considered.

Deficits in an individual’s ability to place weight on one or both feet can have a significant impact on the activities that he uses to sustain his livelihood.

This is important since each time an individual places bodyweight, eccentric forces are created which stress the musculoskeletal structures involved and may ultimately result in overuse injury of these tissues.

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Assignment Activity 3. Demonstrate written and oral communication skills to describe normal and impaired anatomical structures of the human locomotor system

One would normally require both a written and oral communication skills to describe the normal and impaired anatomical structures of the human locomotor system.

Communication happens in many different ways such as writing, speaking, or signing. All of these forms have pros and cons.

Writing can be better because it is permanent and there is more room for words. If you want to give a lot of information, this could be a good idea.

Speaking might take time, so you can’t say as much. But if someone wants to go into depth about their thoughts, then this would be an advantage.

One disadvantage would be though that writing may not include any explanations for unusual phenomena while speech allows for explaining this phenomenon by words spoken aloud often providing details not present in writing.

Speech may also contain less information than writing because when speaking, the speaker often has to worry about grammar as well as conveying their idea in a timely manner which could result in some details being left out.

Additionally, there may be disagreements over what words have been used or if they included sufficient detail of what was spoken. This can cause people to argue with one another if there is a disagreement.

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