ACCT2013 Assessment Answer – Cost Management and Control Systems

In Australia task to solve ACCT2013 Cost Management and Control Systems Assessment is given to the business students so that they can learn about the cost management environment. They can also apply the basic principles of cost management into their professional career. This subject teaches the student different ways of efficiently utilizing the existing resources.

ACCT2013 Assessment Answer – Cost Management and Control Systems

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Learning outcomes of ACCT2013 Cost Management and Control Systems Assessment:

When a student successfully completes this assessment he or she will gain some knowledge and experience in the various techniques of costing like Conventional costing(or known as historical costing), standard costing, marginal costing, uniform costing, and activity-based costing.

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at the end of the assessment, students are asked to give a recommendation to the national manager in charge of small business loans situated in Melbourne, on if you would lend this firm $1,000,000 for their business expansion, at a rate of 11 percent.
Could the firm afford the repayments on time? In addition to that students in the ACCT2013 assessment, answers should advise the national manager in charge of small business loans about the limitations of relying only on financial statement analysis.
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Conventional costing (historical costing):

Conventional costing means allocating the manufacturing overhead cost to the products manufactured. The indirect cost of the factory’s manufactured items on the basis of their volumes such as the number of units produced, direct labor hours, or the machine used in production is assigned or allocated by the Conventional costing method.

Standard Costing:

It is a method that you can utilize for identifying the difference between the actual costs of goods. Standard cost is basically the Cost of actual goods. It involves product cost, names, manufacturing overhead direct labor, and direct materials.

Marginal Costing:

Marginal cost is the cost of the additional unit. The best way to explain this method is with an example “let’s assume that the total cost of producing the 5000 units of a product is $25000. If we produce a total of 5001 units the total cost would be $25002. That means the marginal cost of the additional one unit is $2.

Uniform Costing:

You can provide the explanation of uniform costing in your ACCT2013 assessment answers. Uniform costing is a method that has the same application of accounting and costing principles, methods, or procedures by various undertakings in the same industry. You can apply this method to a single organization having different branches.

Activity-based costing:

Activity-based costing (ABC) is a costing method in which you need to assign overhead and indirect costs related to products and services. Some indirect costs like management and office staff salaries are a bit difficult to assign to a product. Therefore, you can seek help from professionals in writing the ACCT2013 assignment.
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