ABS 104 Fundamentals of Project Management Assessment Answer

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Learning outcomes of ABS 104 Fundamentals of Project Management Assessment Answers:

After completing the ABS104 Project Management Assessment you will be able to:

  • Differentiation between project management and operating environment can be done by a student.
  • Students can define the management structure by which projects operate.
  • You should describe Project scope management.
  • A student can contribute to resource management and scheduling.
  • Issue management and risk management can be applied by a student.
  • Students need to define Project quality management.
  • Managing communication in the project environment can be done by a student.
  • The Importance of Stakeholder Management can be recognized by a student.
  • The Principle of leadership and teamwork can be explained by a student.

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Short Brief on ABS 104 Fundamentals of Project Management Assessment:

While completing this assessment you have to prepare a presentation that should be targeted to the audience that can approve your project such as your manager, your board, or potentially an investor. In the presentation, you need to discuss its importance and objectives, key success factors, and anticipated deliverable. In short, you have to convince your target audience that why your project is the one that should be invested in.
While making the presentation you need to complete the following tasks: 

  • Define Variance Analysis in project Analysis.
  • A brief background to your project and its importance should be provided.
  • Identify and explain the goals and objectives of your project clearly.
  • To complete the project the key elements you will need to consider.
  • The anticipated outcomes of your project.

Approach to complete the tasks given in ABS 104 Fundamentals of Project Management Assessment:

Variance Analysis is a quantitative investigation of the gap between behavior which n individual has a plan and the actual behavior of project managers. To find the cause and degree in the difference between the baseline and performance of the actual project, Project management experts of Australia Assignment help will use the Variance Analysis technique.
According to our experts’ team, there are Seven Common variances that we can use while analyzing the variance. These are purchase price variance, labor rate variance, variable overhead spending variance, fixed overhead spending variance, etc.
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