ABS104 Fundamentals of Project Management Assessment Answer


On successful completion of this assessment, students will be able to:

• Clearly define and scope projects of varying natures;

• Demonstrate understanding of variances between projects and respective industries.

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BRIEF – (ABS104)

In this assignment, you are required to develop an initial project scoping presentation for a potential project of your own. This may be as part of a new venture you are developing or for an idea you have/have been working on in your current organization.


Your presentation should be targeted to the audience that can approve your project such as your manager, your board, or potentially an investor. The presentation should discuss the project broadly, its importance and objectives, key success factors, and anticipated deliverables. In summary, you are trying to convince your target audience why your project is one that should be invested in.


Within your presentation you will be expected to:

• Provide a brief background to your project and its importance;

• Clearly identify and explain the goals and objectives of your project;

• The key elements you will need to consider to successfully complete the project;

• The anticipated deliverable (outcomes) of the project.

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