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Biology is a subject which captures the most attention of Students all over the world because this field is a lot Fascinating and includes various study areas like plants, animals, humans, etc. A lot of students are indulging in this field day by day and longs to get Bachelor, Doctorate and Master degree from higher and well-known Universities. So, mostly they prefer Australian Universities which are known to provide high-quality education in every field.

Nowadays, every student in Australia is bogged down by difficult assignments. Also, the idea of preparing a proficient assignment keeps bugging them on, especially Biology assignment because Biology is a vast field and requires time to understand. Also, preparing a Biology assignment needs a great level of skill, understanding and demands top-notch memorizations. So, if you are a student of Biology and are stressed from the complex biology assignment then you can take Biology Assignment help from our highly skilled and professional Assignment helpers by visiting

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Assignments are an integral part of every course and should be prepared properly and effectively in order to score good marks and achieve a proficient level. But when it comes to the difficulty of preparing Assignments students feel hopeless because they are unable to adhere to the needs of preparing Assignments because of various problems like.

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Fields of Biology (Modern Biology)

Biology is regarded as a Natural Science and is connected with living beings like animals, Humans, plants, etc. It is a study of living beings including their evolution, development, structure, behavior, formation, distribution, etc. in other words, it can be said that biology helps in finding the beginning and growth of living beings. This field is very vast and needs thorough detailings. There are various fields of Biology other than two primary field i.e. Zoology, and Botany. Following is the list of various fields.

  1. Microbiology – This type of field includes information about microscopic organisms like fungi and bacteria.
  2. Marine Biology – This marine Biology deals with flora and fauna that grows and lives in water bodies.
  3. Biotechnology –  Biotechnology is a field of Biology which helps in the betterment of Human life and Human health.
  4. Environment Biology – This field of Biology is also known as ecology and it deals with the nature and behavior of living beings in different environments.
  5. Parapsychology – This field of Biology helps in determining all the aspects related to parasites.

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Theories of Modern Biology

Biology is a deep concept which is based on Hypothesis, experiments, Observations, Results, etc. with the help of various advanced instruments the scope of Biology is growing rapidly and that’s why it is now called as Modern Biology. There are basically four main theories of Modern Biology which are as follows.

  • Cell theory – This theory helps in explaining the working, structure, and functioning of cells in a living body.
  • An evolutionary theory of Natural Selection – This theory explains that only those species that have the ability to face difficult environmental changes and does possess the heritable traits can survive in the environment.
  • Theory of Gene – This theory states that there are some traits that transfer from one generation to another and also states that Gene is the only unit of Inheritance.
  • Homeostasis – This theory explains the law that “change in the outer environment does not result in the change in internal body condition”. Also, this study helps in analyzing the nervous system and endocrine system of Brain.

Along with the above-mentioned theories, there are various other theories of Biology like Anatomy, Molecular Biology, Cell biology, etc. that’s why this field is regarded as one of the vast fields and students face difficulties in getting full-fledged knowledge of all the fields. So, if you are one of them and wants to take instant assignment help then you can choose our services.

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